Summer Earphones

I was really looking forward to my run today. I had a lovely breakfast (half cornflakes and half Dorset delicious muesli) and let it go down while I pottered about. Then I headed on out for a 10k. I always listen to my mp3 player as I run and during the winter I have been using normal earphones as I wear a head/ ear-band thing to keep my ears warm (and it holds the normal ear plugs into my ears). It was been getting warmer so I have swapped the in-ear ones for some special sports ones (Sennheiser ones). They are great because they stay on even with the up and down movement of running, plus the sound is clear (I only have them on quiet as I like to hear what is going on around me as well).

My run was lovely; the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze to try and cool me down, and there were tulips out everywhere. My legs did feel stiff at times (but yesterday I spent about 4 hours driving so could be down to that) but in fact when I got home I had beaten my best time (one hour and three minutes). My 10K in May is getting closer and I am hoping to be as close to an hour as possible. It is making me feel more confident that I could actually do it.

When I got home I had a lovely Trek peanut and oat bar. Eleven grams of protein in a bar (great for veggies like me), the texture is lovely and it tastes amazing. I took a picture and I urge you to try one.

I have spent the rest of the day pottering around, doing the shopping etc, it is so nice outside that I may have a walk after dinner. No baking today although I did watch a re-run of Rachel Allens’ “Bake” show where she made peanut butter blondies. The idea is in my head now so I may make some to take to work next week.

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