Supermarket sweep!

Later on last night I tried the 9Bar Original, and it was very tasty. It’s made up of different seeds (some sugar and oil to combine) and then coated in carob (which tastes like chocolate). It was very tasty, the seeds made it nice and chewy. I think the bar was around 280 calories, and was a lot more enjoyable than eating a pile of seeds! I am looking forward to trying the other flavours.

After hearing that they were on offer in Morrison’s I went there after work today to stock up. Alas they had none in stock (but a tempting sign saying that a 3 pack was around 80p- may have been 89p can’t remember). They did have a pretty impressive wholefoods sections so I stocked up! I think the girl at the checkout was a bit confused as to why I bought 20 mini nakd bars (but they were 24p! Bargain!). I also got some more agave nectar (have only bought it from the internet before), some good flax oil, some veggie red pesto and veggie green pesto, pistachios and a rather tasty looking bag of porridge oats with banana and vanilla.

After that I had an early dinner (nice spaghetti with peppers, courgettes and pesto) before heading off to body pump. The class was so busy this evening (sometimes there are only 5 of us); loads of new people. It was such hard work, perhaps partly due to the fact that the air conditioning wasn’t really on so it got very warm in there.

My arms are killing me now so typing is hard work, so am going to collapse on the sofa now!

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