Gardening and Body Pump

Wow wasn’t the weather yesterday lovely? I spent time in the garden, digging up weeds (so many dandelions), planting new plants and tying up ones that are growing- my pumpkin plant is getting really tall now, it needs tying up every week.

I had my home-made muesli for breakfast too (with an apple and the last of the honey yoghurt) and it was super tasty. It is fairly “soft” in texture- perfect for a bircher style muesli, and with the yoghurt it was a lovely combo. I think I would add more cinnamon as every now and then I got a little taste but would like it stronger.

Body pump last night was good as usual (but so hot). My face-pulling during the biceps track was giving everyone else much amusement!

When I got home I had my last 9 bar- this one was a pumpkin one. It has not got carob on top, and I was more apprehensive, but actually it was really tasty. The honey flavour (honey and a little vegetable oil holds the seeds together) came through much more, whereas with the carob ones it just tastes sweet. The pumpkin seeds were lovely (they make up 20% of the bar); I will look out for these bars. Yesterday I picked up a 3 pack of the original bars (3 for 99p what a bargain!) from Sainsbury’s, will have to go to Morrison’s I think to get the other flavours.

Off on a day trip now how exciting- enjoy the sunshine!

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