Recovering after the race

Right. Yesterday I was so very stiff and so very sore. Even putting my socks on hurt (well the standing on one leg bit did). It was lovely at work because all the children brought in their medals to show, and they were so proud of themselves.

After work I had a nice walk (well, a hobble) and did begin to feel a little better. I was ok if I kept moving but if I sat still for a while and then moved I was so sore!

Anyway today I normally have aerobics, but after the last half marathon I went along to aerobics and was in agony, and then I took ages to recover. Even the weekend after I tried a 9 mile run and I was totally exhausted. So I decided to have another walk instead, do some stretches, and I will have a run tomorrow. I feel I am missing the runners’ high as well- the excitement and adrenaline from the race has definitely worn off and now life is back to normal so I think a run tomorrow will sort me out.

On to other things; I tried a new sandwich filling (well it went in a little wholemeal English muffin)- basil tofu. I have never much liked tofu before, I think mainly because it tends to be more oriental flavours which I am not keen on. I saw this in Waitrose the other week and have been looking forward to trying it. I had it with cherry tomatoes and some basil (yay the home-grown stuff that I have finally eaten!) and it is so delicious. I would thoroughly recommend it.

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