Long time no see

Well, what have I missed?
After my early run on wednesday I had the busy day, got home from the cinema at 12.15- a bit of a late one! Inception was a really good film, very clever and thought provoking, but the air-con was broken in the screen and by the end it was baking in there!
Anyway, Thursday was normal (last body pump until after holiday), but I was so shattered after wednesday that I didn’t check emails or anything!
Friday was a bit sad, as it was the last day of term, and lots of the staff are leaving, so we went out for a few drinks after work. When I got home I picked another courgette from the garden (I had picked a few baby ones but this was the size of a big banana) and had them for tea. Roasted yellow and green courgette and red pepper looked so pretty,in a ciabatta loaf with basil and cream cheese, plus some corn and a big salad. Yum.
As you can see my garden is still very much exciting me!
Today I have been catching up with an old friend and her little boy. We went to a local farm park, and even saw a reindeer and some wallabies! I went to the shops on the way back, mainly to look for a suitcase (no joy) but I did see a new magazine, Vegetarian Living. Now it did have a free 9bar on it, which caught my eye, but it is packed with recipes and interesting looking articles so I decided to give it a go!
Off to bake something for sunday tea now.

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