Yellow Courgette excitement!!

So when I got home today I went out on an extremely windy run! I managed 3.7 miles in 37 minutes, ten minute miles seems to be my general pace nowadays which I am pretty pleased with. For a snack before I had a Nak’d cocoa orange bar and seriously these are amazing! Yummy yummy yummy. I think I say this all the time but each time I have one they seem to get tastier!

When I got back I went into the garden and harvested my first yellow courgettes. They were only baby ones, but the baby ones taste so good and I am getting a little impatient- I have a feeling that most of them will be ready while I am on holiday.

I had a super dinner, I sliced a green courgette (yawn), yellow pepper and the baby yellow courgettes (pretty) and roasted them in the oven with some oregano and a squirt of oil. I put some green basil pesto and som mozzerella inside a part-baked ciabatta, then when the roasted veggies were done (25 mins ish) I put as many as would fit in the bread and baked for 8 minutes. Served with the left-over roasted veggies, plus a massive salad (with omega 3 flax oil of course). Super tasty!

Plus BIG news. 🙂  When I logged on to Nike+ to upload my run I am finally onto the green level! Woohoo! The background is all pretty and the runs are now green instead of orange. So that means that since May when I got it I have run over 150 miles which sounds like quite a lot.

Off to a quiz now- Hooray for yellow courgettes (and green levels!)


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