Another great clear out

Afternoon all! What a miserable day (yet again!)- honestly, it really feels like autumn right now.

After breakfast I was going to have a walk, but as I was about to leave it totally tipped it down, so I occupied myself with jobs and pottering instead. It brightened up at half 11, so I went out then. By the time I got home (and it rained on the way back so I was very soggy!) I was starving, so I prepared a big meal. I had some roasted beetroot, pepper and cherry tomatoes (drizzled with balsamic vinegar), a piece of rye bread with cream cheese, and lots of water (think I need to work on my photography skills a bit- there is 2 beetroots all sliced up but they blend into the purple bowl!).

I still fancied something else so in the blender went some frozen watermelon (need to use it up) a blob of plain yoghurt, and I topped that with fresh blackberries and bear granola cherry nibbles-mmmmm that stuff is so good! And it looked so pretty- it went a very pink colour!

Then I got on with the next job in hand; clearing out my wardrobe! It has been getting more and more untidy, and it is now a bit of a struggle to fit stuff in. So I was totally ruthless and ended up with a big bin-bag for the charity shop. Normally when I clear out I keep things just in case, but this time if it didn’t fit, I didn’t like it or it had gone tatty then out it went 🙂

It took a good hour and after that I fancied a cup of tea, so I used my new teabags (I got teabags as well as loose leaf tea for when I don’t want to use the tea pot). Good stuff.

Do you like my minnie mouse mug? I have a good collection of Disney mugs as I love them for a souvenir! I am sure it makes the tea taste better!

At the mo I am listening to an old podcast from radio 4- I like the food program and someone on WLR put a link to a show with Michael Pollan on it-

I have read 2 of his books- In Defence of Food , and The Omnivore’s Dilemma , both of which I found very interesting and would highly reccommend.

It it body pump later (yay) so in a bit will be having some veggie+ pesto +spagetti = yum, and some kind of snack when I get back.

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4 thoughts on “Another great clear out”

  1. Thanks Maria, you just solved my dinner dilemma. I was having an internal tantrum about there being nothing in my fridge that I wanted to eat, but I’d forgotten about the pesto! So I’ll also be having veggies + pesto + spaghetti! 🙂

    1. Yes Laura it is getting cold- I have not put the heating on yet- I have just been wearing massive jumpers and thick jeans which is not good for August!

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