Downpour and decisions

Gosh it just absolutely tipped it down! I went to aerobics and was chatting to my friend outside when all of a sudden it chucked it down! Had to drive home very slowly as the roads were saturated, plus even the wipers on the highest speed were not clearing the rain fast enough.

Before aerobics I tried an oatmeal raisin walnut Clif bar- that thing was tasty! I found it in the health food shop, and decided to try them, as I have seen them on wiggle but only in big bulk buy boxes. It tasted like an oatmeal raisin cookie- really delicious and moist. The bar was 50g, and for that you get 189 cals, 31.5g carbs (perfect for before aerobics) and 7.5g protein (it has some soya in it). It also has loads of added vitamins and minerals (unclusing 23% RDA calcium and 13% iron), so in fact would have been ideal for me to take on holiday too. I have 2 other flavours; chocolate chip and peanut butter and am now expecting amazing things!

On to decisions- I had my opticians appointment today and as someone who is not good at making decisions it is so difficult! To begin with you have the actual eye test where they keep showing you “one, or two, which is clearer?” and you have to choose between the lenses. That is hard enough, but then when it comes to actually choosing new frames for the glasses it is even harder! They never have the frames from last time, so I then have to spend ages looking at all the types to find ones that are similar. Trouble is, as I wear them all the time I have to feel comfortable in them, whereas I think if I had them just for reading or just for driving then I could go for a more funky pair. Anyway, after ages of deliberating I have chosen them, and now comes the waiting game, where in my head I can’t remember what they look like and convince myself that they don’t suit me.

Hmm- you can tell I am not keen on the opticians!

Anyway, not much else to report really. I had to wait in for the post today so spent time updating the review bit on here (the section “Stuff I love”)- even with some fancy links in- hope they work!

I had some delicious rye bread for lunch with sunflower seeds in it, with some cream cheese, tomatoes and green pesto, plus an apple and a slice of the gone-wrong-banana bread.

That’s all folks!

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2 thoughts on “Downpour and decisions”

  1. I ate waaaay too many Cliff bars while I was in the States! They have like a 1,000 flavours over there! I was a peanut butter addict for a while, but then I discovered the fruity ones. The apricot is amazing. If you can bulk buy (and not eat 3 a day until they’re all gone!) then they’re a great snack 🙂

    1. Well I might have to order some more then! Am going to the USA in December so I will have to hunt out the other flavours! The oatmeal raisin one was lovely so I can imagine that the other fruity ones would be good too

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