Return of the red face

This morning I had some more bircher muesli (so yummy) but without the spinkles. It would be lovely with a few chopped nuts I think- might try that another day. I was very pleased to see that the rain had cleared, and so after a bit of pottering about I headed out on a run. This was going to be my longest for about 3 weeks so I was a bit worried about how I would get on, but in fact when I got going I felt fine. I ran up to the lakes, around the lakes and back through the park before heading home, and it was only when I got to within a mile of home that I suddenly felt very tired. It was much hotter outside that I had expected, and I was bright red!

When I loaded up the Nike+ it creates a little chart of your run, with a little line to show how fast you are going for each mile. Mine normally goes up and down quite a bit during a run, but this run was more or less even pace (all around 10 minute miles) except for the last mile which took a total nose-dive! It mapped exactly how I felt!

On my run I mixed it up a bit and listened to a podcast. Normally I have music, and on my mp3 player I have a folder for running music which is a big compliation of what I fancy (upbeat stuff to keep me going). But other people have reccomended podcasts instead so I gave it a go. For the first few minutes I was not sure if I would like it as I was getting distracted by hearing my breathing, and I did have to have it much louder than music because when cars drove past I missed a few words here or there. But in fact fo the first 40 minutes of my run it was quite good to have something to listen to, and I will definetely listen to more podcasts on runs. The one I listened to was a phone in on the radio all about obestiy;  “Is obesity an uncurable disease?”. It was interesting enough (one guy rang up with the theory that if you outlawed selling large sized clothes then no-one would be obese any more), and I was feeling quite pleased with myself that I was out running!

When it ended it went straight onto an old Reef album, which blared out because the podcast was so quiet- made me jump!

Since being home I had a lovely smoothie with banana, mango and some coconut water with pineapple, and then for lunch I had a wholemeal pitta with goats cheese, tomato and basil- tasty. I was still hungry so had a couple of oatcakes with Carly’s Organic Rainforest nut butter (so good- it is made of brazils, cashews and macadamia nuts mmmmmmm), and some blueberries. My legs feel fine now which is good because for the last mile they felt almost jelly like- that’s what 3 weeks off will do I suppose.

Later we are going for a family dinner, which yesterday I made some cookies for. I used the normal chocolate chip recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery book, but put some peanut m-n-m’s on top. We tried one yesterday with a cup of cinnamon chai tea (brewed in the pretty spotty teapot- its ages since I had loose-leaf tea) after a walk in the afternoon.

So I wonder if anyone has any good recomendations for podcasts to listen to when running?

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2 thoughts on “Return of the red face”

  1. That’s funny about the podcast – I tried an audiobook for the first time yesterday! I’m finding it mentally really tough getting through 3+ hours of running on my own, so I thought maybe a story might help! I did consider podcasts too, but didn’t know where to start. You’ve reminded me I should look into this more though – I’m pretty sure I could find an hour-long programme on how to do the perfect pull-up somewhere! 😉

    Great news that your fitness hasn’t really dropped over hols too. The Nike thing sounds way more advanced that I would’ve expected. It makes me wonder why everyone is so obsessed with Garmins..

    Anyway, I’ll be looking out for your podcast recommendations now. I’m afraid I don’t have any (not would I recommend the audiobook I bought lol! Shame I still have 12 hours of it left!)

    1. I just got recommended this site
      so I will be downloading a few to listen to- think they are quite long podcasts too.
      I cant imagine running for 3 hours! (well my first half took me 2.32 so I was getting close!)- it is a long time to occupy your brain isnt it?
      Yeah the Nike+ is really good- it cant track you on like a satnav, but you can map your runs on the website, callibrate it so its pretty accurate. It was a birthday present but think they are around £40 so much more affordable than Garmins. PLus Im not that technological, gave up on my hrm ages ago because the watch beeped and annoyed me, but this is so easy to use- plugs into the usb on the computer and loads up automatically.

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