Solution to body pump aches

So last night was body pump- YAY! I love it and there was a new girl who came (it is normally a small class of 4 regulars plus about another 4 who come intermittently), so it was nice to chat to someone else and help them get the equipment out etc. I started a year ago, and my first day was similar- all the regulars helped me to get the step and the bar and weights etc, while I was a bit dazed by it all! She started with the same weights that I started with (eg 1.25kg on each side for the arms, and 2.5kg for the legs) and it made me realise how far I have come, as now I have a light bar of 3.75kg on each side, and a heavy one of 6.25kg on each side. Plus I can actually do the plank now!

Anyhoo- the day after I always ache loads, and last week I didn’t manage to get out on a run on Friday, so was still paying for it on Saturday. So today after breakfast I went out on a 2.7 mile run (in 25 minutes not bad). When I got home I tried out this:

I ordered it last week as I would like something I can do between running days, or after a short run, to complement body pump. I know that I could work out a routine myself but I am not good at pushing myself and think I would stop too soon.

So I tried out level 1 of the 30 Day Shred .

The DVD is broken into 3, 20 minute workouts, starting at level 1 (not easy!), moving up to level 3 so it seems good for progression. Also the only equipment you need are some hand weights, and I started on my lighter pair, so I know I can also move to using heavier hand weights.

I really enjoyed it; I love Jillian on The Biggest Loser, and during the workout she is talking to you about not giving up and feeling the burn and so on. She also demonstrates a lot of the correct and incorrect positions which was really helpful.

Each section has 3 circuits (plus a short warm up and cool down), 3 minutes of strenght work, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs, and most of the moves I had either done in body pump or during aerobics (things like the cardio flick kicks), so I felt confident doing it. It was hard work, and out of curiosity I left on level 2 and 3 just to see what they are like.

Some of the moves look hard, but then I thought if I watched a body pump class I would think the abs track looks impossible, but in fact I can do it, so I am thinking this will be good for me to do.

After that I was pretty hungry, so has some grapes and a seed stacked bar.

The bar has more ingredients than the plain seed bar I tried the other day- due to the yoghurt topping. I normally refuse to buy anything claiming to be yoghurt topped or coated as it is normally oil/ veg fat, sugar and milk powder. This one has those, but also some natural yoghurt. The topping did not taste that strong, but I suppose if you liked those kind of things then this would be far better than “yoghurt” coated raisins or an eat natural bar (I do not like their health claims when they are loaded with syrups etc!). It had 214 cals, 5.2g protein, 23g carbs and a great 4.3g fibre. Not bad for such a small bar.

After a shower and a trip to the garden it was lunch time again- roasted beetroot, cherry toms and this time red pepper, with a wholemeal pitta and cream cheese- yum.

I fancied something else so I had a pack of salt and vinegar So Crispy bites. They were tasty, and as they are made with part soya flour the packed had 8.7g protein which I was pretty impressed with! They have a similar texture to rice cakes, but a bit more substantial, which I prefer.

This afternoon I have been in the kitchen yet again! My fave hobby (apart from running of course!). We are off tonight to Wagamama’s (I think I must be the only person in the country who has never been- I am hoping they will have something I will like) for my brother’s birthday, so I made him some carrot cupcakes, this time with orange-cream cheese icing.

I adapted the Hummingbird recipe a bit, as 100ml oil seemed a lot, so I did 30ml oil and 70ml milk to keep the liquid the same. They look alright! The icing is super runny though!

Then I made some scones for me and my boyfriend 🙂 so we can try some of the jam I made. I used a recipe from the free Dove’s Farm book, which uses wholemeal flour, only a tbs sugar, and milk (no egg). There was a smidge of dough left so I made myself a mini one which I had as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea (Spice imperial of course). It was lovely, although they haven’t risen that much, even though I remembered the non-twisting-of-the-cutter-technique.

Inside the cup it says “it was all started by a mouse” which I love 🙂

I am going to finish making the squash soup now, and maybe have a walk as it has not rained for a while.

And I must say that I am a lot less stiff than usual, so after body pump as well as a run to help stretch out my legs I am thinking that a session of shredding may be added to the cure!

Any good post-workout-ache cures?

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2 thoughts on “Solution to body pump aches”

  1. Getting moving again is definitely the best cure for post-workout aches. You need to use the same muscles again (but *gently*!). Stretching out can also help – though don’t do it cold. You’ll just tear your poor knackered muscle fibers even more!

    1. Yes stretching is good- after my run and dvd I was nice and warm so I did lots of stretches and it felt good. Think I have found my cure! 🙂

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