Where is the rain?

I am not complaining, but rain was forecast for today. So I had lined up a queue of rainy day activities. It was a rest day for me anyway after my long run yesterday, and I was feeling quite stiff.

After breakfast it still wasn’t raining so I went out on a nice hour long walk, you know, making the most of the nice weather.

Then I had some jobs to do (pop to opticians to get glasses adjusted, pop to shops to get a few bits, get some jam jars) so I got on and did those bits. Still wasn’t raining!

My boyfriend went into the garden to mow the lawn (you know the saying “mow the lawn while the sun shines” or something like that!) and I popped out too- got another courgette, a few potatoes, tomatoes and a lonely blueberry. My blueberry bush didn’t do so well this year and it turns out I should have pruned it in the winter time. I will know next time. Its leaves go a beautiful pinky red colour now so it still looks fab.

Anyway, then I made some jam! Poppy47 on WLR sent me a recipe for plum and cinnamon jam, as I was given a massive bag of plums and could not decide what to do with them. I have never made jam before (well not since I was little and my Mum did, and that doesn’t really count!), but I followed the recipe and used a sugar thermometer; it smells so good with the cinnamon and it is in the jars now. Scones have been requested so will have to make some in the next couple of days. (Still not raining either! Not that I am complaining but have to go to the airport to pick some people up at midnight and I imagine it is going to pour just as I am driving).

While the football was on I spent some time looking back over blogs from the past few days, and I saw that the lovely Alison from http://runningfromrunningto.blogspot.com/ has nominated my blog as one that she reads. To join in with this I need to

  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
  • Let your nominees know about the award.
  • So, thanks Alison for reading (and your comments!).

    Here are seven things about me:

    1- I have been a vegetarian since I was around 15. I just never liked meat, and I really dont like the idea of dead things.

    2- I didn’t learn to drive until I was 21 as I was totally terrified of it. Now I don’t mind driving at all, but I do not like parking on steep roads.

    3-I am totally terrified of big black hairy spiders, and I do not like going up high buildings or steep things. 

    4- I am on the waiting list for an allottment but at the moment am making do in a little corner of my garden.

    5-I have been with my boyfriend since I was 17 (and now I am 29), gosh where does the time go?

    6-I bake every week for my boyfriend’s family as we usually go there for Sunday dinner.

    7- I was never christened and was raised in a non-religious household.

    Gosh nominating 15 blogs is tricky because I am not sure I even follow 15 blogs!

    Below are the ones I read pretty regularly:













    I also quite like




    Phew, 15 in all!

    So there you go- I will pop some links on comments pages, and if you haven’t already been nominated then here you go- I nominate you 🙂

    Now off for a bean burger, salad and sweet potato dinner, yum.

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    12 thoughts on “Where is the rain?”

    1. Ha, it really is cool to read new stuff about people. I’m impressed that you bake for your BFs family *every* weekend. Now *that’s* commitment!

      1. Well, they make dinner for us every week so its nice to bring something- plus it means I can bake but other people help to eat it- the two of us would not get through it all on our own!

      1. Ah snap!
        I do feel silly screaming when I see a big spider but I cant help it! its not rational!

      1. Ah thanks Rachel, what a lovely kind comment
        The plum and cinnamon jam was sent to me by someone else- but I used 500g plums, 500g jam sugar (although apprently normal sugar would be ok as plums have a lot of pectin in them), 4fl oz water in a pan with cinnamon sticks. Dissolve sugar, simmer for around ten minutes and then ladle into sterilised jars.
        I have never made it before so it was quite exciting!

    2. I have a friend that didn’t learn how to drive until she was 21, either. But don’t feel bad about being terrified! I was the same way- I didn’t get my permit until a month or two before I got my license because I was so scared!

      1. Thanks
        It’s funny when I look back now, but even for the first year or so after passing I was so nervous before getting into my car- hopefully it means I am careful though!

    3. Thanks for the mention!

      I didn’t drive until about a year after I was able to get my license. It’s not that I was scared, it’s just that my boyfriend drove me around all the time so I didn’t see a need!! AND I’ve been with my man since I was 16! 🙂

      1. Yes, partly I didnt need to drive because I cycled or got the bus and that was fine. But in my last year of uni I realised that I would need a car to get to a teaching job as the buses were hard work while on placement.
        Snap for being with boyfriends from our teenage years 🙂

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