Cupcake wars!

Hello peeps!

So I have noticed that this week has been national cupcake week (not sure who decided that- tate and lyle maybe??), and I have been dying to make cupcakes all week. This morning I watched an episode of cupcake wars too, just to add to the theme! It’s basically like a food network challenge, but only with cupcakes, and this time Duff from Ace of Cakes was the judge- so exciting they are doing the 100th episode of Ace of Cakes.

Anyway, this afternoon I got down to some serious Hummingbird baking. First I made some black bottomed cupcakes which are basically a rich chocolate cake mix on the bottom of the cases, and then a cream cheese/ cheesecake mixture on top. I have made them before so I decided to amp them up a bit and made the icing cream cheese peanut butter frosting- yum.

Then I made some peaches and cream cupcakes, which by the way have no cream in them. They do however have peaches in the bottom, and I decided to add some cinnamon to the mixture, and also make the icing into cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Super yum. (I used half the recommended amount of frosting as it makes so much for one batch).

I had to bake the peach ones in a shallow tray, so they spread out and only puffed up a little bit! But still just as tasty!

So now it is the battle of the cupcakes, which one will win? I can’t decide!

Chocolate cheesecake peanut;

vs peaches and cinnamon

After sampling them both, I think that the peaches one was lovely and light and moist from the peach, although instead of putting the peaches on the bottom, next time I would chop them up and mix them in the batter. Cinnamon cream cheese icing is a win! The chocolate ones are so rich that they are best kept for a special occasion, and the peanut frosting was heavenly! So in fact I cannot decide a winner. Hmm. Where is Duff when I need him?

Next week I might use up my pumpkin puree- I have been dying to make the pumpkin cupcakes from Hummingbird, and just wanted to wait until the weather got a bit more autumnal. There is no waiting any more, the big slippers are out and everything!

Onto other things- last night we had a nice meal out in London; the restuarant was super posh, super expensive (we were being treated on the company tab though) and very nice. I had a nice pasta with cherry tomatoes, jalepinos and basil, plus a mini cheesecake. Andy was going to take me to Wholefoods on the way (as a surprise, how sweet) but we got stuck in a load of traffic so didn’t have time. He only told me as we walked past, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right? And also knowing that next time we go on we can have a visit there 🙂

Also after my nuun yesterday I didn’t get a headache, and I got Andy to try some as he regularly gets headaches after long runs too, and he didn’t get one yesterday either. I am pretty excited about it, can you tell? Check out my nuun reviews here plus wiggle are having a sale this weekend!

So, as it is (or was) cupcake week, which one would  you go for? And which is your favourite cupcake of all time? The best one you have ever had!

I personally am a sucker for carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, especially if the cupcakes have little bits of pecans in them, and there is maybe some lime zest in the icing.

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5 thoughts on “Cupcake wars!”

  1. I also love anything that has anything to do with carrot cake! I like the sound of the pumpkin ones though too. Do you keep all these baked goods in your house, or do they go to family and so on? Because I would find it very hard to not eat cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I had all those to choose from! 😀

  2. Hey girls!
    I take them to Andy’s parents for Sunday tea- they eat a lot (he has brothers and a Dad with unlimited appetites). Plus I take leftovers into work- people were enjoying the peach cupcakes today. The thing is it is not easy to half or quarter the recipe and it seems a waste to have the oven on to only make a couple. I do sometimes freeze things too (slice up cakes and so on). So normally most of it gets given away and we maybe have one each for the rest of the week/ or one to share.
    Yes the hummingbird book is the best! American recipes but none of the cups measurements that are so much harder to follow.

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