Double shred

Evening all!

What a lot of rain we have had today, and even a random massive flash of lightning!

When I got home today I had a nice lemon and ginger snap type thing;

(It is raw and mostly made of flaxseeds along with agave and some other natural things)- pretty tasty.

Then it was on with the Shred . As there was no body pump tonight 🙁 I decided to do part 2, and then part 1 (get the harder part out the way first) to half make up for it. Those walk out push up things are really hard, and I am glad no-one can see me when I do the weird plank squat thrusts and jumping. But it was a great workout ad by the end my arms were really aching. I was considering a little run as a cool down, but it was tipping it down, so I stayed inside (cop out!).

I am pondering what shoes to wear while I do it. At the moment it is some old trainers that are not really for sports, but they have clean soles (!)- I don’t want to wear my running trainers in the living room as they are filthy, and the only other pair of sports trainers I have I use in the gym, but they still go outside to and from the building. I can’t workout in socks or slippers, so what do other people wear on their feet when doing a DVD/ home workout?

After that it was dinner (veggies + pesto+ spagetti = yum) and then had a dash to the shops.

Then I had some (half) of this stuff;

Conscious chocolate “Fruit Fantasty” with figs and dates. It is delicious- there are loads of pieces of figs in there- win!

Now I am off to put my feet up, and maybe have some teapigs caramel rooibos- yummy! On a food network advert there was a shelf with a whole load of teapigs tea on it, in the background. Random fact for anyone that is interested.

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6 thoughts on “Double shred”

  1. I was expecting this thread to be about some new marmalade…

    I’m very interested in the combination of dark chocolate, figs and dates. Where do you get them from?

    1. good stuff- hope you enjoy them!
      As they are expensive they are much easier to ration- Its hard to justify eating a bar in one go (plus they are very rich)

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