More parcels!


I was tres excited today when I got home to find my recent internet orders waiting for me!

One parcel contained teapigs tea:

I ordered some more chai, some caramel rooibos, some chocolate flake tea to try, and a cup for work. I also got a free sample of mint tea- looks very refreshing 🙂

I had also ordered some Luna bars from wiggle (they were having a sale so it was rude not to, right?).

I had read great things about them on the net- they have loads of vitamins and stuff added. But also some sugar! I had a bar before aerobics and it was lovely- very chewy and more like a traditional sweet rice crispie cereal bar, so I think I would tend to have it as a lower calorie dessert (its only 180 calories per bar-8g protein, 26g carbs, 10g sugar so not as much as an actual brownie) as it would go well with some tea.

On to other things- I was super sore today after the shred level 2 yesterday, which I am taking as a good sign as it made me work much harder.

Thanks for the comments yesterday- I think that after reading up I should be doing the strength work before the cardio- so if I do 2 together it should go shred then run. So I might have that as one workout, where I do level 1 so my legs aren’t too tired to run. Then I might have another day where I just do the shred, either number 2, or maybe work up to both, so I have more of a strength day. I was rather taken by Rob’s workout grid, so I think when I have some time at the weekend I may try and do one for myself.

Completely off the point, does anyone get a veg box delivered? I have been looking into it for a while and can’t decide whether to try it. I like to plan meals so I would not want there to be waste, but then in the winter I tend to make a lot of soups or fake innocent veg pots (veg with quinoa and beans) for lunches, so I suppose veggies would go in those if I couldn’t find a recipe I liked. Do you have to supplement the box with other shopping? Are the recipe cards good? Do you have much control over the contents? (e.g. I just could not eat parsnips so could I not have them?). Is there enough variety?

Aerobics was super fun, lots of cheesy tunes as usual. The luna bar was a good pre-workout snack as I felt like I had loads of energy. Once home I have got the sweat (so much sweat) off my face with these babies;

They are perfect for sensitive skin, and although they are un-scented they smell faintly of almonds- yum. I get really dry skin and I think the salt from the sweat makes it worse, so I am going to try to make sure I clean it off asap instead of waiting until after my shower.

After dinner I fancied something sweet so I had some of these (I didn’t take any pictures yesterday so I decided to make up for it today!)

(Ingredients- corn syrup, corn starch, agave, licorice, aniseed, carnuba wax)- suitable for veggies and vegans, and they are organic. They are also lovely- really strong (much stronger than panda licorice) and very chewy.

Anyway, off to finish my work before don’t tell the bride- yay!


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2 thoughts on “More parcels!”

  1. Haha, another convert to the workout schedule! 😀

    I used to get a vegbox from Able & Cole and it was great. Their online system means you can select a certain amount of things that you never want to receive, and then week on week you can also have things changed too, if you end up with a pile-up of something! Variety was sometimes a little lacking, but then that’s what happens if you eat seasonally. I remember for weeks getting one bag of kale after another.. It makes you get really inventive with the cooking though, and when I recommended them to someone else they sent me a free recipe book. I would also sometimes buy other produce off them when it was on offer. I would definitely recommend trying it.

    1. Thanks for that- I think I might give it a go for a bit and see, as the offer through my door was the 4th box for free.

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