Motivation needed!

Evening all.

Nearly half way through the week already!

Just a quick one before I watch “Don’t tell the bride”- car crash TV but I love it!!

I had a new snack today; Andy picked up some cinnamon malt loaf the other day (I love cinnamon!) so I had a slice this morningfor my snack.

I would love to make malt loaf so if you have a good recipes please let me know!  🙂

(I didn’t take a pic of the slice as it looked very squidgy and more like a blob than a slice!)

Work was so busy and the traffic was awful, so once home I didn’t have long before aerobics. I had a peanut clif bar;

But the traffic was still awful, it was raining, my friend was not going so I was seriously considering not going to aerobics- shock!

But I made myself go and in the end had a fab time. I love the aerobics class. We have a short warm up, then we do a little routine (it changes every few weeks and each week we are shown it from the beginning), then after that we get into lines and do really high impact stuff- one line does it (for example star jumps for 30 seconds), then the next line does that while the first line does something else. It is very organised and I love the high energy in the room. I felt sooooooo much better after!

After a shower and tea it is time for a baked apple I think 🙂

Good news- I got an email from the lovely local health food shop; I asked them if they could get hold of some Carley’s organic sunflower seed butter, and they emailed to say they have some ready for me! I am pretty excited to try it as a change from nut butters. Sunflower seeds are my fave seeds!

So….Any tips when you are flagging with your motivation?

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8 thoughts on “Motivation needed!”

  1. It doesn’t sound like you need any tips – you got there despite not wanting to! Very often its just setting yourself in motion that’s the difficult part though. And the best tip I’ve had is put your kit on. As soon as that is done, it seems kinda silly not to do the workout. I once spent all day in Harvard library in my NMA t-shirt, just to make sure that I went to the gym on the way home!

  2. I faced the same problem today! I actually didn’t want to go to the gym..but I got pumped for it by thinking about how much fun I’d have and how awesome I’d feel afterward. Turned into a good one!! That’s always the case whenever you think it’s gonna suck, huh? 😛

    Awesome about the sunflower seed butter! I just opened up my first jar a few days ago and it’s already halfway gone. The stuff’s dangerous!

  3. Thanks guys- I did think about how good I would feel, and I had got changed, but I was half hoping that the traffic would make me really late so that I would not make it. Silly me!
    Now it’s a sunny day I am really looking forward to my run after work today 🙂

  4. You did far better than me.

    I was due to be running with the running club at 8pm but didn’t even get home from yesterday’s meeting until gone that time 🙁

    Good luck with this afternoon’s jaunt.

    1. I love it too! They always turn out happy in the end no matter how much they say they dont want to get married on a boat/ in a pub/ whatever!!

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