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I have been busy socialising today (what fun)- also went on a walk in the sunshine. Last night I made calzone (and took loads of pics!), so here is the recipe;

Makes 3 pretty good sized calzones.

To make the dough, put 250g wholegrain strong bread flour in a bowl with 1tsp yeast, pinch salt and 1tsp sugar. Add in 150ml warm water and mix roughly. Then turn onto a surface (I don’t add any more flour) and knead, stretch and knead some more. Then leave in an oiled bowl covered with a cloth for an hour for it to rise.

Meanwhile roast some veggies (I did courgettes and peppers, but on other occasions I have had aubergine, red onions etc)- chopped into chunks with some spray oil and oregano and balsamic. Once roasted mix with reduced passatta (or bolognaise sauce) and more herbs- can’t have enough herbs.

Then punch the dough into the bowl, tip out onto a board and divide the dough into 3 balls and flatten them into circles (shock- this time I used a rolling pin which worked really well). Put a little of the filling in the middle of the circle and add some cubes of mozzerella (at this stage you can add spinach leaves- nice with goats cheese). You can also spread pesto on the base at this point (red pesto is lovely), or basically whatever filling you like.

Then fold the dough over and kind of pinch and fold the sides together- make sure the seams are nice and tight. Then repeat with the other 2 dough balls. If you have any of the veggie mix left over don’t worry- we have plans for it later!

 Put on an oiled baking tray, (optional-sprinkle with dried basil) and leave until you want to cook. Heat the oven to 220C and bake for 20-25 minutes, until the dough is cooked. Keep your fingers crossed that none of the mixture leaked out!

Then serve with a salad, and warm through any of the veggie mix that was left over and serve with that.

(That is the extra sauce on top- this one did not leak at all yay!).

Sit back and enjoy a scrummy calzone 🙂

This was always something I enjoyed in restaurants but thought it was seemingly impossible to make at home. But I gave it a go and although I used to find making the dough quite daunting (you can always use pizza base mixes where you just add warm water if you didn’t have all the yeast and flout), now it is not too hard to make. The best part is, they look really impressive!

Any recipes that you used to shy away from making?

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