Garden apple excitement!

This was my first taste of home-grown apple;

It was delicious! So crunchy and sweet and tasty. Yum! (The space on the plate was for a piece of toast with PB and homemade plum jam).

Yesterday I tried the pumpkin pasta that Alison suggested from Heather’s blog. I changed it a little bit; mine had 50g wholewheat pasta (cooked), 1/2 a tub of silken tofu, 80g pumpkin puree and 3 sunblush tomatoes all blended in the mini chopper. I mixed it all together and baked it in the oven for 20 minutes. When I came out I mixed in some goats cheese (had some to use up) and served it with a salad. It was super delicious! The goats cheese went really well with the pumpkin flavour, but even without it, it was really creamy. The sundried tomatoes added little flecks of red and a nice tang.

I was really impressed with the tofu- I have only had the flavoured stuff before. I think I am going to try the other half in a sweet recipe, just to compare.

Today I made the pumpkin gingerbread, only this time I made it in a brownie pan as oppose to in a loaf tin, and it cooked in about 25 minutes.

Yumilicious!  Such a moist texture and such a lovely spicy smell. I won’t keep on!

I had a lovely walk in the sunshine today- I wish I had taken my camera with me as there are some trees that are so beautiful at this time of year- one tree has a mixture of gold, yellow and deep red leaves, and in the sunshine it looks so pretty.

I also had some of these;

Yummy veggie cherry sweeties. Again with the cute koala bear. They are super tasty but I need to remember that just because they contain no nasty gelatin or artificial colours, they are still very sugary!! It has been quite novel eating sweets as I normally avoid them because they generally aren’t suitable for veggies.

Tomorrow I have to leave work fairly early, so I am hoping this weather will carry on as I have a nice run planned. I must remember to keep up the distance in the week as I have a 5 mile race in November and I want to keep my pace up for that.

I also saw about a fun jingle bell race in December where you get to wear reindeer antlers, but we haven’t entered it yet because Andy thinks the weather will be rubbish. There is a halloween one in the dark (you have to wear headtorches) but I think I would get myself worked into a panic and freak myself out! But I fancy doing something fun- any good fun races coming up? Or any fun fancy dress type runs that you have run before?

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6 thoughts on “Garden apple excitement!”

  1. I’m planning on RUNNING a race on Boxing Day this year as well as RACING a race on New Year’s Day – not fancy dress but they are a bit ‘different’!

    1. They sound intreuging- I would love to do something like that on those days- nice to get out the house (esp new years day which is always a bit of an odd day)- but I am on holiday this year, possibly coming home on new years day. Oh well, I will keep my eyes open. I like the difference between running one and racing the other!

  2. Yaay, really glad you like the pumpkin recipe. I totally blanked on that when you were looking for silken tofu recipes yesterday, doh! The reason I haven’t been able to make it is because I can’t find silken tofu 🙁 I *am* going to try that pumpkin gingerbread though. Maybe that’ll be my cake for this week.. 😀

  3. Alison- I have seen the silken tofu in sainsburys but I am sure it was with all the kosher food or something like that. Yes try the gingerbread its yum!
    Laura- can’t agree more with you (and so do my teeth!)
    Mary- you are so right! I think because by the time something hits the shops it could be weeks old, but homegrown is picked and eaten within hours or days 🙂

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