Half term is here!


After a fun training day yesterday, I am officially on half term! It has been very busy at work so I am looking forward to recharging my batteries and catching up with friends etc.

I got home and had a mango mule bar

(Like my chocolate nail varnish?)- it was super tasty, very mango-ey. Mmm. I have made a little review page here for all the mule bars I have tried so far.

Then I went on a short run. My legs were not too bad from body pump, so I decided to try and do a short fast paced one, and managed to do 3.4 miles in 32 mins- according to the Nike+ my average page was 9.30 per mile, so not bad. By the end my legs were sore though! They feel fine today.

Then, when I got home, I had a package delivered;

Look at all the different flavours;

Ages ago I emailed Clif bars to say how much I loved them, and how I wished they did a bigger range of flavours in the UK. They emailed back to explain that it took a while to source ingredients, sort packaging and things, and then said they would send me some american ones. So so kind of them!

The flavours I have to try are cranberry apple cherry, black cherry almond, peanut toffee buzz, chocolate almond fudge and oatmeal raisin walnut. By the way, look at the size of them compared to the UK ones;

Baby UK oatmeal, between daddy peanut and mummy chocolate from the US!

OK, I have pottered about enough, time for my long run- later guys!

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2 thoughts on “Half term is here!”

  1. Ahh I want to try those clif bars too! I might drop them an email, I wish they sold more flavours here, I’m bored of our selection haha. I can’t believe how much bigger they are too, that’s nuts!

    1. Yeah I only sent them an email asking why they didnt do more in the UK and said how much I loved them- they offered to send them which is so kind! I know they are massive! BUt actually that one was 250 cals, but some of them are 230ish so not so big that you cant fit one in.

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