Huh? Hunza?

Hello! Today is the first proper day of half term hooray!

I actually went into work this morning, but I was super efficient and got loads of jobs done super quick- it is amazing how much you can get done without the children!

I was planning on running after lunch, but as I was so quick I came home, had a snack;

A Hunza nut (huh?) Mule bar. I had to google it and apparently in the Hunza Valley of Northern Pakistan, the apricot is referred to as Hunza Gold, hence the name Hunza nut (it’s main ingredient is apricot and it tastes very apricotey). I loaded by water bottle up with nuun and headed out into the frost. It was so cold in the shade! And warm in the sunshine- tricky temperature to run in. I was prettry speedy and managed 5.8 miles in 55 minutes. I need to focus on these runs as I have a tendancy to slow down to my long run pace, whereas really I need to be keeping to a 10 min mile pace or quicker. It was hard to judge speed today as it was so windy, but I had bags of energy and even the big hill near the end where I normally slow and plod up, I actually ran up at a fair pace. There are traffic lights at the top and normally I get to stop for 30 seconds to catch my breath- no such luck today haha!

Anyway, I have been getting on with jobs at home this afternoon, along with making a few tasty morsels as I have friends coming over tomorrow. I have made some chocolate cornflake cakes (this time I tried with white chocolate- not sure how that will go), and I might make some more cookies as they are always popular.

I also tried my next nakd bar

Excuse my rubbish photo- I think I need to go back to the plates! It was tasty, very sweet, very similar to the berry cheeky ones which I love. It had tiny bits of pink (raspberries) all the way through it. MM. I can’t decide what flavour to order- my tin of cereal bars is very low on nakd bars and they are great for a break time snack at work. I wanted to order this week as you have to sign for them and I am more likely to be here. Decisions decisions!

Right, off now, enjoy this lovely sunny evening. What is your favourite day off treat? I am looking forward to getting my hair cut and catching up with friends. I may also make our Christmas cake (so exciting!). I am also making the most of runs during the daytime as our evenings are getting darker!

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1 thought on “Huh? Hunza?”

  1. I made my christmas cake yesterday! It was so satisfying! Can’t wait to scoff it in a few months time 🙂

    My fave day off treats are long workouts, baking and napping 😀

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