Monday, one day

Hello all!

So due to the inclement weather yesterday (and my sore leg) I spent it in the kitchen whipping up some surprises for the cookie swap!

I am not going to put the pics up yet so it’s a surprise!

Today was a normal work day, and I was very sensible and only had a walk after work. It was soooo tempting to have a little run, but last night I had to resort to the deep heat, and although this morning it was much better, by the end of the day it was twinging (is that how to spell it?). It took a lot of willpower to not put my running clothes on! Silly me! But the walk I am sure helped.

Before my walk I had one of these delicious apple and cinnamon rolls;

They don’t look like much, but they are delicious! Made of flaxseeds, apples, a few other ingredients and spices, they do taste like cinnamon rolls. Yum. Each roll is around 80 calories, and packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats, so they would make a good mid-morning snack for me too 🙂

So anyone else have to try very hard to rest when a little bit injured/ run down? Anyone else ran too soon and made things worse?  It will make me feel better I am sure!

Night 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Monday, one day”

  1. Haha, no comment! Other than that you know you are doing the right thing waiting this out. If it’s an unfamiliar pain then you don’t know how it’s going to respond, which makes it difficult to judge. I think that’s where I went wrong. Monitor it during walking, gym etc and when you go back to running — well, you should basically do the opposite of what I did 😀

  2. I definitely find it hard to rest when injured or sore. Heck, even when I had runner’s knee I instisted on going out every morning..brace and all! (Which was very, very stupid now that I look back) It wasn’t until I couldn’t even walk without feeling pain that I eased off.

  3. I always try to rest when I’m rundown or injured… sometimes it’s easier said than done but it’s always the right thing to do! I hope Tam does another cookie swap, I couldn’t do it this time but I’m sure I’m going to be mega jealous when everyone posts their goodies!

  4. Alison- thanks- I did try to wait it out!
    Mary- poor you although I can imagine I would have done the same!
    Laura- I bet she will do the cookie swap again- a good idea for getting people to read new blogs!

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