New running gear!

Evening all- and thanks for all the comments on my last post- I really appreciate everything you say 🙂

I hope you all got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather today. I was raring to go, and got to try out my new sports bra;

I like Shock Absorber ones, but was put off this one before because of the double strap at the back. But Rose convinced me (thanks 🙂  ) and I am so glad she did. I read on the Womens Running forum that the easiest way to put it on it so have the top strap done up (it’s like a bikini strap) and then do the other one as normal. It was really comfy (I was surprised) and this morning I did my fave 8.5 mile route and it was comfy the whole way. Hooray! I spent a lot of my run listening to the new marathon talk podcast, and now I can listen to it without feeling like a fraud 😉 ! I am also tempted by some Thoosa running gear- I have a code for 20% off and free postage before the end of October so I think I will order some tomorrow. Once home, I had a fab snack;

My fave part was the yummy Cranberry Apple Cherry Clif bar- I love them! The fruity flavours are turning out to be my faves so I am looking forward to stocking up at Christmas. I still cannot get over how much bigger the American ones are.

Now I just wanted to mention marathon talk, and specifically one of the guests they had on this week. It is a guy who has so far lost 120 pounds, and has gone from being totally inactive, to competing in 5k, 10k, half, full marathons and even an ironman. There is a link to a video of him, which is totally inspiring- it has footage of him right frrm his first runs. My fave part is his tag line at the end- If you want to do it, all you have to do it do it. Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview and I would recomend the video if you are in need of inspiration.

This afternoon has been spent mostly laying in front of the TV, and partaking in some of this;

Teapigs chocolate tea with coconut milk- yum!

So, my question today is what inspires you?

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10 thoughts on “New running gear!”

  1. I really like the Shock Absorber runners bra too. It’s the only one that I’ve felt totally comfortable and secure in.

    I am inspired by people who have set-backs and still keep going. It’s so tough to have a bad period, or feel like you’ve “failed” at something, and then pick yourself and get back on with it. I really admire the kind of attitude that takes.

    Tea and TV — I’m hoping my Sunday will look like that!

    1. I am so pleased I tried the run bra as it is loads better 🙂
      I agree with you about the attitude as well- it’s so important not to give up.

  2. I am inspired by other bloggers, like you, signing up for your marathon! Sounds like a great run! And I must try that Cliff bar flavour- sounds delicious!
    P.S Please post the pumpkin gingerbread recipe from yesterday- it sounds delish!

    1. Hey 🙂
      I first made the pumpkin gingerbread recipe here – from Oh She Glows- but as it is in cups not grams mine is probably a bit different. Mine is like this- IN a bowl put 1tbs oil, 220g pumpkin puree, 3tbs maple syrup, 140g sugar, 40g treacle and 1 egg- mix all up. Then add in 140g spelt flour (or whatever plain flour you want), 1 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp each spices- cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger. If it is too stiff then add a splash of milk- it should be a fairly runny batter (like cake mix not stiff like cookie mix).Optional, add in some chopped nuts. Then spread into a brownie pan, bake in 180C oven for 25-30 mins. Leave to cool and then cut into slices. Have fun if you make it 🙂

        1. Good stuff- enjoy! Mine made 8 or ten slices I think, and as it is only a tbs oil they come out as fairly low cal (a fair amount of sugar)- 150 cals ish each I think.

  3. I’ve not tried the shock absorber runners bra but I do love their bras, I’m not sure which mine is but it’s by far the comfiest one I have!

    1. Yeah- Once I made the mistake of trying M&S sports bras but they were useless,and not very comfortable either. Shock absorbers all the way for me now!

  4. oooh, glad you tried the bra and even more pleased that it was comfy!

    I’m always inspired by anyone who sets their mind to something and gets on and does it, even if they have to change their goals along the way…….

    Oh and pics of lovely yummy food inspire me to think more about mine too!


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