Yesterday I went to the cinema straight from work (freebies to see The Social Network which was really good, in a talky Aaron Sorkin way as to be expected), and got home super late. So no running of any kind.

Today I have been amusing myself looking through the race photos- last year there were none of me, this year there are loads, moslty of me running towards the finish line looking pained (trying to breathe) and in some photos eyes shut. Hardly how I imagine I look as I run!! Seriously, in my head I look all neat and my ponytail swings gracefully behind me, whereas in real life my hair comes out the millions of clips, I look dishevilled and messy and in pain (even when I am not)- I do not look like the front cover of runners world that’s for sure!! Haha.

I got some parcels ;

Exciting things from Mule bar 🙂

I could have done with the energy gel on sunday! I am looking forward to trying them all out- should have had one today but I had already had my seed stacked bar.

IN fact on that note there were loads of wrappers on the floor at the start line. Is it me or is that a little unnessessary? Having never run a 10k in 35 mins I have no idea if you need the gel to go that fast, but hey, I thought they were specially for longer exercise. Plus can’t people take their rubbish with them? Even if I have a cup of water on a race I make sure I put it in the bin bags, not on the floor. But maybe that is just me? I usually have pockets so can put rubbish in one of those for later. What do you do with rubbish on a race?

Today I had to resort to the deep heat as the backs of my hamstrings have been so stiff and sore. I think sitting in the cinema didn’t help things, normally after a race I would have a walk or a gentle run the next day, but time did not allow for this.

But I am off to aerobics in a bit and hoping that the movement will help warm up and un-stiffen my muscles.

In other news, I am in love with pumpkin baked goods! I made the Oh She Glows pumpkin gingerbread (for our friends coming tomorrow) and it smells so good- all warm and spicy. I have not had any yet but I am looking forward to it!

Toodlepip 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Parcels!”

  1. Wow, jealous of your mule bars! I hope they start stocking them in more places in the UK soon. I’ve had the Cliff shot blocks when running half marathons and they were really good.

  2. Ruby- I have not had the clif shot blocks but heard a lot about them- I stuck to flavoured raisins!
    Mary- I know it is kind of disheartening to see as in my head I look fantastic! Haha! At least I can laugh about it!

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