Pumpkin cupcakes = heaven

So I made the pumpkin cupcakes from my lovely Hummingbird book. I have had the can of pumpkin puree in my kitchen for months, and have wanted to use it for something special. Well, the recipe only used 200g so I have loads more to use up, what fun!

When I put it in the batter mix (normal cake mix it seemed to be- I suppose like banana recipe with the puree replacing the mashed bananas) it went really orange! Not sure if you can tell in the pics.

Yummy spicey pumpkin goodness! (I added ground cloves into the mix as well as the suggested cinnamon).

Baking in the oven;

While baking they smelled amazing- I am sure you can imagine the spicey smells filled the air mmmmm.

I left them to cool and then iced them with cream cheese icing and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Extra close up;

We took them around to Andy’s parents for Sunday tea and they were so good! I am always a bit nervous about baking things that I haven’t tried before, in case no-one likes them or the flavour is a bit strange, but these were lovely. Kind of like carrot cake, but smooth instead of bits of carrots. The spices were so good. Plus although they contain a lot of sugar (well, 140g in the recipe so a little over 10g per cake) they didn’t have much fat (40g I think)- I used Pure Dairy free sunflower as it has no hydrogenated fats. The icing makes them less healthy, but I think they would be nice with a spiced glaze as oppose to the cream cheese icing anyway.

Now I have to use the rest somehow (although it can be frozen- only thing is my freezer is full of baked apples and squash soup)- I saw a recipe on Oh She Glows the other day for pumpkin gingerbread, so I might make that for Wednesday when our friends come for dinner.

I do love all the Hummingbird recipes- they always seem to turn out so well.

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7 thoughts on “Pumpkin cupcakes = heaven”

  1. Those look yummy. I think cup cakes are way more fun to eat than a whole cake. Also I love trying new recipes, yes sometime they don’t come out quite as good but then there are the times you eat it and wonder why you haven’t ever made that before. That’s what making new recipes are all about. 😀

  2. Mary- I have never had pumpkin baked goods before and from now on I will!
    Alison- thanks for that- the recipe looks amazing- might try it on Friday.
    Sarah- I agree trying new recipes is alays fun

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