Running the race!

So it was the Herts 10K today. Rude health porridge was my chosen fuel!

Last year we got there very early and froze our bits off, so this year we got there during the warm up, which was perfect- enough time to drop my jumper at the bag drop and find our pens. Andy always goes in a different pen to me as he is much faster (and I don’t mind that!).

I had 3 aims based on previous times (last year I ran it in 67 mins, and in the summer I did the wheathampstead 10k in 63 something)- so my aims were;

Gold- one hour

Silver- PB for a 10K race

Bronze- PB for this course

I went to the 55-60 min pen, but it was jam packed and the first part of the race was very congested (as always). I was aiming for 6 min K’s, and had started my Nike+ as I went over the start line, but I didn’t see the first marker, and at the second one I was about 30 seconds behind. No big deal, I thought, but after 3K there is a longish hill, which I knew I would slow down on. I was enjoying the race- it was quite mild but every now and then there was a lovely cooling breeze, and the course itself is mainly in the countryside and farmland, so nice views. There is a small part past some houses and there were lovely people cheering us on!

At the 7K mark I was about 2 and a half minutes slower than I had hoped for, so picked up the pace the best I could. I could hear the tannoy announcing runners coming in, so the adrenaline started which always makes me feel weird- I felt a bit sick for a few moments, and had to really try to calm myself down (anyone else get that?). With the finish nearly in sight I tried to sprint (well, run faster) but I then had trouble breathing deeply- my chest felt tight and I sounded a bit wheezy- not sure what that was about. So I am sure I will not be smiling in the photos from the finish line!

But as I crossed the line, my Nike+ said 61 minutes (and once home I have had a look and it was 61.30ish)- so I get the silver medal!

I was glad to see Andy waiting for me- he was pleased with his time (can’t remember what he did, something under 50 mins I think) and a banana to eat.

I will be wearing my (actual) medal with pride at work tomorrow to show my class- see on the strap it has the 10;10;10 thing like the chicago marathon.

One thing that was weird was the timer chip- it was a strip that went on the laces and they didn’t collect them in at the end- we have to throw them away.

It stayed on the whole time but I am not sure how it works- normally they are little plastic things that loop on, and they collect at the end.

Once home I had a shower, had some squash soup (made yesterday) with toast and an apple, and also some of these cute sweeties;

Proper gelatin-free veggie sweets! How cute is the koala bear?

These are so yummy it was hard to not eat the whole pack! Nice and soft chewy sweets (a bit like fruit jellies), really peachy. Yum.

I also made pumpkin cupcakes yesterday, which I iced today, but I think I will do a seperate post for them as I have to get on with some work now.

What do you do with your race medals? Mine are in a drawer with all my running clothes so I see them (motivation) when I get ready to go out on a run. Not sure what else I could do with them!

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7 thoughts on “Running the race!”

  1. Nice work on the pb! If you do some speedwork a sub-60 can’t be far off 🙂

    My Berlin medal is hanging on my bedpost right now! The others though I tend to keep for a while, and then throw out when I move / have a clear out.

    1. Yes- I did start this autumn with good intentions over the speedwork, but actual work has been getting in the way-tut!
      Always nice to have something to aim for too 🙂

  2. Woohoo awesome run!! I know what you mean about the sick feeling. Even though I’ve only run a few 5Ks..I’ve felt the “omg I’m gonna puke” moments. Not fun. :/ It makes it worth it crossing the finish line, though!

  3. Nice work 🙂 Well done on getting a PB! I had my medals on the bookcase in a backroom but I’m going to put them somewhere else.. undecided yet!

  4. Nice work on your PB. I think bringing it in to show your kids is a really cute idea. I haven’t run a race where they have given out a medal but I have saved all of my bibs, they are taped to a wall in my computer room.

  5. Rob – I can’t beleive you don’t know where your marathon medals are! I would be hanging them on my front door or something!!!
    Mary- I have never had that feeling before (the sick feeling) but you are right- the finish line is worth crossing!
    Laura- thanks- It is hard to know what to do with them isn’t it? I don’t think I could bring myself to throw them out.
    Sarah- Good idea on keeping the race numbers- I tend to get rid of those as by the end they are always ripped/ smudged.

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