Hello- I am well and truly into the swing of half term now.

This morning started with a level 2 Shred (boy, I have not done it for a while and I felt the upper body stuff especially), and then a run. I wanted to do some speedwork as a) I didn’t have long, and b), again have not done it for a few weeks. I went for a mile as a warm up, then spent about 15 mins going 20 counts fast, 20 counts slow (each count was about 6 steps), then another 10 mins or so as a cool down. I managed a pretty good pace- I managed 3.8 miles in 36 mins, my pace was very wiggly (because of the intervals) but it felt like a great workout. By the end of the last few intervals my lungs were bursting!

Once home I had a snack;

Some berry nuun, a new nakd bar (cocoa delight is possibly my new favourite) and a few cinnamon nuts left over from yesterday. Yum.

Then after a shower I had a quick lunch (nearly burnt it as was on the phone whoops)- roasted beetroot and pepper on bread with cream cheese;

Then I had to rush as I was getting my hair cut. I love getting my hair cut- I used to be all worried as I have very thick hair, and the stylist would always manage to persuade me to get layers or something, and then it would not work. But now I have a hairdresser that actually understands my hair, and it’s now quite a treat. 🙂 Last time I got a kind of fringe added in, as I am growing it long and wanted something interesting, so I had that trimmed again.

I was finding it hard to smile and take myown picture at the same time haha!

Anyway, after getting my hair cut I was free to roam the shops. I was after some boots for winter, and I wanted some which I could wear under trousers (I have chunky over-the-jeans ones) but that would also go with leggings and a dress. I found the perfect pair, but had to deliberate for ages in the shop as they were quite expensive. Tada;

Ok I also need to improve these skills but I could not work out another way of taking it myself! Close up for those who are interested;

I *heart* my new boots. 🙂

I also got some cheaper items;

I had used all my rainforest butter so jumped at the chance of getting some more. Some pumpkin puree from Waitrose (it was with all the tinned fruit in Waitrose not by the tinned veggies like I thought it would be) and some coconut milk- this stuff was lush- I had a sip (it actually tastes like coconut unlike coconut water) and then had it with nesquick as when I got home I realised I was very hungry. Did not have a big enough lunch!

I had fun shopping by myself today and I am much better on my own than with other people. I always get persuaded by friends to buy things that I am not keen on, or not sure about, plus I like to be in and out of a shop quickly and some friends like to spend ages! I like going shopping with friends if they are getting stuff, but for me I much prefer to shop alone (or actually, on the internet!). So, do you like to shop alone or with others?

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2 thoughts on “Shopping!”

  1. mmmmm, nice boots!!!!
    I also like shopping on my own but I also love shopping with my sister as we have very similar shopping habits and also like the in and out approach – plus I know she’ll always give me an honest opinion AND will encourage me to spoil myself!
    Do you just use the coconut milk instead of normal milk for drinks.
    I’m very boring in my food choices so the stuff you post always fascinates me!


    1. Recently I have been experimenting with different milks. I tried the coconut milk in porridge, and in rice pudding and it is lovely- gives it a hint of coconut (and its only 27 cals per 100ml). Only drawback is that it is much lower in protein. I have not tried it in tea, but I bet it would be good in a spicy latte or something as it gives it a coconut hint. I tried oatmilk, which was nice with nesquick, but you had to shake the carton loads as it all seperated, and was a bit too watery in porridge.
      Glad you like the boots 🙂 and the recipes- I have had so many ideas from other people’s blogs so it’s nice to hear that people like mine too! 🙂

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