Shortest post ever!

Evening all

It was another parents evening tonight, so I got home late, had dinner and a shower and am now sat in myPJ’s. 🙂

Nothing exciting to report, but rest assured I will be back tomorrow for body pump! Hooray!

It was so cold this morning I had to defrost my car! Shock! So as a reminder of things to come here is the snowman I built last year in the snow;

I was happy that I had finally made it!

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12 thoughts on “Shortest post ever!”

    1. No- we have frost! This was a picture from last years’ snow!
      Although 2 years ago we had a load of snow in October- totally unexpected to have it that early!

    1. Ah, just think of all the good things like hot showers, hot soup, hot tea (basicall any kind of hot liquid it seems!), warm snuggly jumpers, hats, pretty scarves…..

    1. I know- ice on the pavements is the worst! Last year when the snow had melted and re-frozen I attempted a gentle run- skidded dramatically several times on the pavement and then carefully tiptoed home as I decided I didn’t want to break any bones!
      Plus I hate driving on the ice.

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