The gloves are on!

It is so cold out there! What a chilly wind! This morning I was better prepared- I wore my nice warm craft top and running tights, but I left the jacket at home (I was so cold at theย beginning). I also had on my lovely gloves- left the ear warmer for a few more weeks I hope!

I had a lovely 8 ish mile run, which took me 82 minutes. I got caught in a min rain shower which was not fun. When I set off it was really sunny so I even had sunglasses on, so I felt a bit of an idiot with them on with black clouds and rain! I didn’t want to push myself today as I have had such a busy week, and next week is going to be busy with work too. I just wanted to enjoy my run. At the end I felt like I could have gone further, but that was a good place to stop as I feel tired now, but not exhausted.

Once home I tried my first mule bar;

It was small but perfectly formed. The texture reminded me of the clif bars- nice and moist but with a little crunch. It tasted so appley (don’t think that is a word) and the cinnamon flavour came through really well. One bar like this was 111 cals, 21g carbs, 2g protein and 2g fat. It does have whey protein in it so it is not vegan.

I went in the garden and picked some apples today ๐Ÿ™‚ Some had fallen to the ground but these babies were ripe for picking;

I also picked the pumpkin as it is still turning orange, but the plant seems dead and the net was the only thing holding it up, so am putting it on the windowsill to ripen (I hope).

I am already excited about what to make with it! Andy liked the pumpkin gingerbread so much he has requested it for sunday tea tomorrow, so I will be making it again (with the left over tinned puree)! And I am going to try the pumpkin baked pasta from Where’s the Beach this evening. So exciting!

Last night we shared the other Hummingbird bakery cupcake- it was a vanilla one with butter icing and I must say that I am glad we shared it as I do not think I could have eaten another mouthful- it was so rich.

But you can see just how much icing there actually is! Almost more icing than cake. In conclusion, I much prefer home made ones (although the novelty of the bag is still exciting to me!)- and even though mine aren’t as pretty I think they taste as good (and maybe even a little better?).

Now, my question is what to do with the leftover silken tofu from my dinner? It is suggested to use it in desserts- can it be raw or does it need to be cooked? I know normal tofu doesn’t have much flavour so what makes it taste good?

Cheers- now I am off to paint my nails!

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7 thoughts on “The gloves are on!”

  1. I use silken tofu in deserts, you could make it into a chocolate mousse, I have a recipe on my blog but I can’t find it right now.. Must have forgotten to tag it.. If I find it I’ll let you know!

  2. Thanks girls- chocolate mousse with the tofu sounds good- I had a look at your one Jemma – looks amazing so might just make something up! As it doesnt need to be cooked I reckon I can freestyle something! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Alison- that stuff looks good too so next time I have some I may well try that as I have a big jar of tahini that I needed once, and am only slowly using it up!
    Laura- I will have a nosey on your blog too and see if I can find it
    PS- I am so excited about the homegrown pumpkin! I have tried for several years and never managed it before ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ah thanks Jo- I only have a diddy garden but have really loved growing things and after trying for a few years it is so exciting to finally get one. But I cannot decide what to use it in- it has to be something ultra special as it is home-grown!

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