The real Hummingbird!

Look what my friend gave me;

Two pretty boxes like this;

So last night after body pump (yay) I had half with Andy;

It was delicious dark chocolate with cream cheese icing- sooo good. Although Andy decided they were nothing special and the ones I make are just as good 🙂

Having friends over on Wednedsay was great, we had a lovely dinner, I made some cinnamon nuts as nibbles, which I will post about later, as well as the pumpkin gingerbread.

Hooray for Friday! Any exciting weekend plans?

I am looking forward to a run tomorrow hooray! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The real Hummingbird!”

  1. Cupcakes! 😀

    Enjoy your run tomorrow. I am in the gym for a PT session. Then I making a vegan dessert to take over to a friend’s for dinner. They don’t know it’s going to be vegan – ha ha!

    1. So exciting! Vegan dessert sounds yummy 🙂
      I think the label “vegan” makes things sound weird, but loads of desserts (baked fruits, sorbets, crumbles, shortbread etc) would easily be vegan and you probably would never know. I have vegan marg now as it is free from hydrogenated fats,but as its sunflower marg I can never tell the difference and so things without eggs now would then become vegan by chance, without anyone else knowing!

  2. Andy is probably right.

    Shop bought cakes frequently taste a bit synthetic or OTT on the sugar/buttercream/icing front.

    We had this dicussion at the weekend when making buns. The kids wanted them like American cupcakes, with about an inch of sickly pink buttercream on top whereas I said that if the cake itself is good then all they need is a few sultanas in them – nothing else.

  3. Rob- I prefer the cakes to taste nice than look nice, which is why my icing is always a little blob as oppose to a massive swirl piped on! I always use half the recipe of icing as it always makes waaaay too much.
    Laura- yummy indeed!
    Allison- Hello 🙂 Yes indeed they knew me so well!
    Mary- it was a good treat! And we have the other one to share today 🙂

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