Upping those weights

Morning all!

I had fun at body pump last night- hooray! I got home from work after such a busy day (lunch time meetings- bleurgh) and teated myself to some teapigs chocolate tea. As it was so cold, by the time the time came for me to leave, I was very tempted to stay at home. Anyway, I added an extra amount of weight to the squats track, as I am not finding this one as hard as the last one. The actual squats were fine, but it is getting the bar back off my shoulders that is so hard! I kept to my normal weights after that, and my legs werre really shaky during the back and lunges track- they were feeling the effects of the extra weights at the beginning! They are wobbly this morning too!

Once home I tried a Chocolate Banana Mule bar (a special re-fuel one).

It had a nice chewy texture, and every now and then a little crunch (13% almonds). The banana flavour was like natural dried banana coins (the chewy ones, not the ones baked in honey) but I am not keen on dried banana, so it was not my favourite. On the plus side, a 65g bar gave me 14g protein and 253 cals, and it seemed very substantial.

Also, I missed a parcel the other day and picked it up from the post office on my way to work yesterday. Look what I got;

What a cute bag. The contents are even better;

I cannot wait to try them! I decided to order the sample pack as I am running low on all things nakd, so I want to be able to order them so they come during half term.

I love the texture of the gluten free ones (esp cocoa orange and gingerbread) more than the normal oat ones, so I have high hopes for these. Andy decided he liked the look of the cocoa mint one, and I must say that looks like it might become my fave- a while ago on facebook and by email they asked for new flavour ideas- I think I sent them a massive list (carrot cake, peanut butter, cherry) and choc mint was one (I am not claiming credit, just saying how much I am looking forward to it!).

Anyone tried these yet?

Right, one more day (training) and then it’s half term. Hoping for a run after work so later guys!

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7 thoughts on “Upping those weights”

  1. Never tried those bars, but the chocolate cocoa one looks good. Can’t wait to read your review! Also, check out our CNS Stores giveaway for $35! Click here to enter!

    1. Yes they are new flavours- you can order a sampler from the website for £3 or £4- I am looking forward to trying them!

  2. Awesome you had a great Body Pump class. 🙂 I remember taking it and always being tempted to up the weights once a track started getting easier.but once I did, my body was *screaming* half way through!! Esepcially on upper body work.

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