Watching the race


So today was the first time that I volunteered at a race instead of running it. I had to arrive at 9am for a briefing at 9.30am- once there I was given a rather fetching orange t-shirt to wear (it went over my vest and jumper and under my raincoat).

I tried to take a picture;

But it didn’t work and Andy was out once home, so I did this:

It is not my colour!!

Anyway, I had though that it was starting at 10am, but the race didn’t start until 11, and there was not much to do beforehand (expect taking the tops off some of the cereal bar boxes) so I spent ages wandering around the field trying to keep warm. I was trying to spot the highest (1500) and lowest (12) race number that I could. Fun times!

Once it started it was better as we could watch the runners go around- the race looped near to the start area a few times so we had glimpses of them. The first guy came in after 34 minutes (for a 10K- amazing!)- he was way ahead of the next few. We had a rush for a bit when most people were coming in. One poor girl took the cereal bar from me and looked a bit funny, I asked her if she was ok and she grabbed my hand before half collapsing and bursting into tears- poor thing. She was so emotional (I think the cancer research runs are as people have the signs on their backs so it is very personal who they are running for)- luckily the paramdeics were right there and she was ok.

I got chatting to someone else who works for cancer research and she has persuaded me to look into signing up to help with the London marathon- something I have never thought about but apparently one job is a cheer point and you get megaphones to cheer the runners on- sounds fun right?

The last people came in after 2 hours (lots of people walked it) and I came home to warm up!

I enjoyed helping out and would do it again for sure- although I didn’t realise I would be there so long (and when I left other people were still sorting things out). It was very organised.

This afternoon I have been trying to warm up by making autumnal foods- I had this baby to use up;

I can never cut them up! I tried, but in the end I roasted it whole;

before putting it in a pan with some carrot, ginger and stock;

Good stuff 🙂

I have also baked some more apples with spices and blackberries for my fave autumnal dessert. Now my house smells lovely with all the spices mingling in the air. Hooray!

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2 thoughts on “Watching the race”

  1. Races just couldn’t happen without volunteers, so good on you for giving up your Saturday morning!

    A tip I got from the recipe I used last night was to microwave the squash for 3 minutes before peeing and chopping. It softens it a bit, and make it far easier!

  2. Alison- thanks- good tip! I would worry about it exploding in the microwave- do you have to pierce it first or anything?

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