Beginning the seasonal baking


Today I made a stollen- yum. I used the recipe from Rachel Allen’s Bake , only I added in some dried cranberries to the mix of dried fruit. For people that don’t know, it is a bread made with dried fruits and spices (German version of a christmas cake), that is often filled with marzipan. A slice of it is amazing with a cup of tea.

The final loaf dusted with icing sugar-mmmm. Andy did mention that in Aldi they are £2, but I decided that I would rather make one as I had the time.

This morning I went on a very cold run! I wrapped up warm (tights, craft long sleeved top and a long sleeved top over that, earwarmer headband, gloves) and after ten minutes I was worried I would be hot. But then the wind started up and I was cold! I alternated between warming up slightly and taking my gloves off, then getting into the wind and being freezing, and putting the gloves back on again! I was also very excited as I listened to marathon talk and they read out my “rate your run” from last week! The cross country race one! Took my by surprise! I must have looked crazy as I was also laughing out loud to the Tony’s trials song this week. Anyway, it was a solid run, just under 9 miles in 91 minutes. By the time I got home I was starving, so it was time for another massive USA clif bar.

Plus coconut milk with nesquick. The bar is a whopping 68g, so totally filling.

After my shower I was in a rush to warm up, so I started to dry my hair. Then I smelled burning, and turned it off. When I brushed my hair, a massive clump of hair came out. I mean massive. It covered my hairbrush. Whoops. I must have been blowing the hairdryer on the same patch of hair for a while instead of moving it about. Luckily I have so much hair that you actually cannot tell, but I was still a bit upset. Anyone had a hair disaster like this?

Onto better news- Yesterday I had a very successful shopping trip (while Andy was at the football) and then some time visiting relatives. I got a few pressies, plus something for me;

Little tubs from paperchase! I have some already which I use for my lunch and snacks, and I could not resist! They nest inside each other so take up hardly any cupboard space (bonus). I cannot decided if I love the gignerbread man or the reindeer the most!

I am also pretty excited as I was sent some goodies from Delicious Alchemy- they specialise in gluten free products (and even produce gluten free oats- they are often cross contaminated with gluten in the field so “normal” oats are not suitable for coeliacs.) I am looking forward to some baking for my lovely friend 🙂

Oats, muesli and granola. If you need to avoid gluten I would recommend you check them out on facebook- they have already made a recipe for no-cook gluten free christmas cake- genius!

I am also excited to see that Laura got her teapigs goodies 🙂

Following on from that, I attempted the caramel apple spice cupcakes. I halved the recipe, but somewhere along the way it went all wrong- they went in the oven fine and when I peeped after ten minutes they were rising up. But when it was close to the time, I looked and they had burnt and sunk in the middle. I did try one (in case I could save them) but they tasted burnt too. So, I will try again another day. Was sooooo looking forward to the frosting!

So, if you were to rate your workout from this weekend, what would you give it? And do you rate your run at marathon talk? I think it’s fun to see how everyone else got on, plus you often get some entertaining ones!

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16 thoughts on “Beginning the seasonal baking”

  1. Rachel and Laura- they are so cute aren’t they? And handy for snacks like nuts and dried fruits, veg sticks, slices of apple or pear……..
    Mary and Laura- glad you share my passion for stollen! Love it 🙂

  2. Oh no 🙁 shame the cupcakes didn’t work out… I wonder what happened.. I’ve had some disasters halfing recipes though, I half everything and forget to half one thing, sometimes it’s obvious like when I tried to half a cookie recipe and ended up with a cake batter substance.. forgot to half the liquid… I hope they work out ok if you try them again.

    I absolutely love Stollen, I always make a marzipan stollen to take to my mum and dad’s for christmas, I had to make 2 last year as it disappeared so quick!

    1. I will try again and this time work out the amounts properly! I am sure I must have added too much baking powder or something like that- who knows. :)I have had disasters before (banana bread when I forgot the raising agent- although that turned out tasty as it went like malt loaf).

      Glad so many people love stollen! Most of my friends don’t like dried fruit (crazy) so they don;t like all the christmassy things 🙂

  3. I’ve never had stollen before…looks good though! 🙂
    Sounds like a good run! My hair falls out all the time, as I have an awful lot of it, but not in clumps like that! 😛 At least there’s not a bald patch or anything though! That WOULD be bad!

    1. Yeah I was worried about the hair- must have melted under the dryer whoops! But it looks fine!
      You should def try stollen- it is so yummy 🙂

  4. Stollen! Love!! I think the Germans do Christmas best 🙂

    As for this weekend’s workout, I’m going to give myself a 9. Mainly for pulling my trainer around! Actually, my reason is that I committed 100% to that workout, and collapsed on the floor several times at the end of circuits. I love that I am finally able to push myself again. It’s taken me a long time to get my mental game back. And I hope as a result that my focus with my physio will continue too. Big smiles.

    Hope your hair grows back quickly!

    1. The germans def do it the best- gingerbread houses and all! My grandma was Austrian so we always did things like that around Christmas time.
      Yay back in the game! Woohoo!!!!!! 🙂
      Yeah the hair doesnt even notice (inherited super thick hair!)

  5. Just listening to my first episode of MT – though I probably won’t listen properly until the weekend – but the run Tom mentions at the start is one I know well.

    1. Good stuff- I find them really interesting and always like to listen to it on a long run. They always have good training tips and things like that, and the interviews are always good so each episode is quite varied- enjoy 🙂

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