Woohoo! Body Pump was great tonight! I kept with the higher weights, and the last few weeks my legs were realy shaking in the tracks after the squats, but this week I was ok. It is amazing how quickly you adapt to things isn’t it? I am so tired now though.

It was another busy day at work (busy but fun- lots of fireworks themed stuff) but I was excited to get a few parcels in the post. I am looking forward to trying themΒ over the next couple of weeks.

Beet it beetroot shots. Apparently it helps you work harder during exercise, and it also apparently does not taste like beetroot. Which is good, as I love beetroot but I am not sure if I would like to drink it! Anyway, I will let you all know what it is like when I try it.

Also some yummy looking raw chocolate. I am sure it will not take me long to try it! Raw= healthy, right?? πŸ˜‰

So at work today we were learning about Guy Fawkes, and we finished by talking about why fireworks were used to remember it, and also people putting Guys on bonfires. It made me think, I do not think I have ever seen that. My middle school used to have a bonfire at the fireworks display (without a Guy though), but normally now there are just fireworks displays- anyone still go to a proper bonfire? Or have a proper bonfire? (it does not count if you are burning garden waste!).

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14 thoughts on “Bonfires?”

  1. We always try to go to a display that has a bonfire. It’s just not the same without. Tonight I dashed back from Farnborough to meet the family at a display at the the local army base – fireworks, huge bonfire and added tank display! On Saturday we’ll probaly go to one at a local school that also has a huge bonfire. There’s nothing like the feel of burning your tongue on too hot soup out of a polystyrene cup whilst toasting your face on the bonfire!


  2. I haven’t seen a bonfire since I lived in London. But when I was younger we always used to go to fireworks displays with bonfires. That’s the best bit IMO.

    Great job on the weights. The only way to get used to lifting heavier is by lifting heavier. It’ll get easier and easier with time, until eventually you’re having to increase them again!

    Friday!! πŸ˜€

    1. See- I am feeling like I am getting OK at lifting them onto my shoulders, but then getting them back off again at the end is really hard.
      Friday indeed woohoo! πŸ™‚

  3. There’s a huge bonfire and display at Roundhay park in Leeds (and quite a few others in other parks) and we normally go to that. Not this year though – off to see Chris Addisson instead πŸ™‚

    Did you know that the bonfire night celebrations are rather anti-Catholic, with the original effigy burned for many many years was one of the pope.

    1. I did not know that! When we teach the kids (bearing in mind they are 5) we say that Guy Fawkes hated the king, but we don’t go into the whole religion thing. They will learn that when they are older! But that is very interesting.
      Have fun at Chris Addisson πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you liked them. That seems to be the problem with a lot of stuff (being expensive)- although I am now spending a little more and getting quality things as oppose to buying the cheapest stuff when I can.
      Bonfire in a park sounds good! πŸ™‚

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