Clear nights, sunny days

Hello all

I would love it if all our autumn/ winter days were like this. It was totally freezing today (so cold on the playground) but at least the sun was out. After work I fuelled up with a clif bar, wrapped up nice and warm (my new thoosa running tights yay, craft top, gloves, earwarmer headband thing, rain jacket) and headed out for a lovely run. The moon and stars were so bright- this was at about half 5! Still there were cars without lights on (madness) and several times when crossing I had to wait as I thought cars would turn, even though they didn’t indicate, and it was lucky as each time they turned. Grrr.

Anyway, I managed just under 5 miles in 52 minutes. I did about a mile uphill nice and slow to warm up, and then picked up the pace for the rest of it- just under ten min miles for the middle part. Because it is dark now there is a loop near my house which is well-lit, but it does mean running around in circles- 2 big loops and one smaller loop today. There were lots of people out- quite a few runners. Which reminds me- I always smile at other people when I am out, and I get annoyed when people don’t acknowledge me (even a nod is fine if you are out of breath or whatever), but I was loving it the other week- I was coming up to a guy running the other way, and not only did he smile, but he also did a massive wave! How friendly is that?

Anyway, I stayed a nice temp (well, it took about 15 minutes for me to warm up as it was so cold- my toes and legs were chilly!) – I did not need to take my jacket off although I never mind having stuff tied around my waist.

Even a few hours later my cheeks still feel rosy 🙂 I really enjoyed the run today- very invigorating.

My fave piece of running kit for the winter has to be my ear warmer- I don’t get on with hats as there is no-where for my massive ponytail to go, plus they make my head a bit hot. But my ears used to get so cold (as I am going so fast the wind just rushes by haha) so the ear warmer is perfect. It also means I use normal earphones (as oppose to the sports style ones) as the ear warmer holds them in place. And, extra bonus- keeps all the straggly hairs and fringe out of my face much better than the millions of hair clips I usually use! So, fave piece of winter running kit?

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16 thoughts on “Clear nights, sunny days”

  1. My favourite piece of running kit is my gloves with flaps over the thumbs, so you can still operate your iPod / zips etc! I also love it when people say hi. Sometimes, when I’m really struggling, they’ll just get a nod. And I understand if that’s all I get too. But when you get a “good morning” or whatever it can really cheer you up!

  2. I love those mitten type flap gloves too! Plus if you get warm you can lose the flap hehe Also I love my hat with ear flap things… brrr I missed the autumn running this year it seems to have gone straight from summer to winter!

  3. Had to laugh as I put headband ear warmer thing on my blog and hear yours is with it’s earwarmer headband thing or vice versa!!!!

    I do love that headband as I hate getting cold ears! I do think that cold but hot but cold feeling is a very weird one. I love my new Brooks nightlife gear, warm and bright and stylish all at the same time!


  4. I agree with you, I always try to at least acknowledge other running while running and it is at least a little rude when they don’t acknowledge you back.
    I usually have a headband while running, it’s a lager thin elastic thing (its made for you hair though) that goes all the way around your head, I am always sad if I forget it because then my hair is in my face. And when it’s cold I have an ear warmer (that sounds a lot like yours) that I wear instead of my headband.
    Glad you still manage to stay warm in the cold weather 🙂

  5. Hair in the face is not an issue for me but I do get cold ears. If its close to or below freezing I wear a Gore Running hat. It does the job, its small, light. I still sometimes have to take it off though either if I run hard and get warm or if its an LSR that starts very cold but then the sun comes out.

    I’ve got some gloves but rarely wear them – after 10 minutes I’ve warmed up enough that they’re unnecessary – so generally I just pull my sleeves over my hands (in the manner of the great Allan ‘Sniffer’ Clarke)for the first 10 minutes.

  6. Alison- I love a good nod or a smile or whatever 🙂
    The gloves with flaps sound intreguing-mine are quite thin so I can turn up the volume or skip tracks with them still on.
    Laura- keeping ears warm is so important 🙂
    MAry- ditto with the hands!
    Sarah- I have a pack of those elastic hairbands (they came in a pack of black, blue, pink and beige) and in the summer I wear them but after a while they hurt my head! But they do keep hair out my face you are right.
    Rob- I am a fan of the sleeves over the hands technique too (even with gloves!)- in fact even when I am not running I like that!

  7. Thats a big bug bear of mine when people don’t smile back! It was a lovely clear night yesterday wasn’t it. My favourite bit of winter kit – well all year round kit is my wide head band that covers my ears and keeps all my hair out of the way, I love it!

  8. Oooh you posted on HLB? Gonna read that now! 🙂
    I ran into (not literally! :P)another runner today, and we both smiled at each other. I love that about running- like we’re all a big community! I always give everyone a big cheesy grin! 😀
    I’m loving my reflective running vest at the moment for my dark winter runs! Couldn’t live without my running tights either!

    1. Oh yes love running tights too – much warmer than normal joggers.
      The thing on HLB was only small- but I love reading the little things on there 🙂

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