Cosy evening

Evening all

I have been having a great week, exercise wise, and feeling really motivated. But today I was really looking forward to my rest day. Work was so busy (2 meetings at lunch and one after school, as well as the normal day to day work) and so when I got home it was so nice to put on the kettle, put on the TV (the last Come Dine with Me of the week) and check out some blogs of course!

I am currently enjoying my fave;

Teapigs chocolate tea with coconut milk (our shopping was delivered when I got home and I remembered to order some more hurrah!).

We are off to a friends for dinner this evening; I am guessing an evening of rock band or singstar might be on the cards 🙂 Perfect for this weather.

I am also hoping the rain will ease off as my race on Sunday is going to be a mudbath otherwise!! Have a lovely Friday everyone, and hooray for the weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Cosy evening”

  1. Rest days are always welcome when you’re super busy with the rest of your day. On Thursday, my schedule’s packed so I’m thankful for extra time..but Sunday’s usually my other rest day and it’s hard because I’m usually just sitting at home. Unless my body’s begging for a lazy day, it’s really hard to have one!

  2. Rob- I think I will have to be embracing the mud. And then using my washing machine. Lots.
    Alison- hooray for the weekend 🙂
    Mary- I am not good at having a whole lazy day- I get antsy- but after a busy day at work I love a few hours of pottering without being in a rush 🙂

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