Dark evenings

Evening all.

I am not a fan of the clocks going back. Although light mornings are nice, in a few weeks it will be dark again anyway. And now, when I get home, it is dark which means it feels like the day is already ending. I mean, unless you do shift work/ part time work, can anybody get through the winter without getting up in the dark? Even if you don’t need to be at work until 9 or something, it will still be dark when you get up. Unless I suppose you live right by work and roll right out of bed. OK, moan over!

After work I gobbled down a seedstacked flapjack (love those), quicjly changed into my running gear and headed out. It was getting dark by the time I left, so I had to find a new running route as my current after work 5 mile route goes around the lakes, and there is no street lighting or anything like that, and I do not feel safe in the park. So it was back to running laps of a residential busy street. It is ok, but not scenic, and I had to stop loads as there are loads of roads to cross. All in all I managed just under 5 miles in 48 minutes, and at one point I had to stop and sort out my trousers (the zips at my ankles had worked their way loose), plus loads of stopping at roads, so I think I kept up a good pace. It felt quite fast, which is what I wanted. 🙂

Once home it was time for some lovely teapigs chocolate tea with coconut milk- my new fave combo! I am running low on supplies- uh-oh!

So, how do you feel about the clocks going back?

Oh, and stay tuned for some exciting teapigs new tomorrow 😉

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12 thoughts on “Dark evenings”

  1. Not a fan of the clock changes. As you say, what little advantage there is on a morning soon vanishes and its now undeniably dark early. I’m lucky in that I work from home so one way or another will see daylight everyday but I feel for those people that go to work in the dark, come home in the dark and spend the working day in a windowless environment.

    I’ve been off the last week (on leave) and being able to run in the daytime and so daylight has been great.

  2. Sounds like a good 5 miler! 😀
    Apart from the extra hour in bed on Sunday (which was good!), I also hate clocks going back! I really dislike running in the dark- I feel so unsafe! And early morning runs are dark too, so you can’t win! :S At least I get home earlier than some people though! I also feel sorry for those that get home from work really late in the dark! So I can’t complain really! 😛

  3. I dont mind whether the clocks go forward/back..it’s just having to manually change the clocks that’s partially annoying. It’s simple, but I’m way too lazy. My car was off by an hour all Spring/Summer. 😛

  4. I don’t think I really notice either way. I was getting up in the dark before, and am still getting up in the dark now. And I work in a windowless research room, so I don’t notice the loss of daylight hours in the evening either!

    Wow my life sounds depressing.. 😀

    I can understand if you have to change your running routes then it has a big impact. Still, a nice speedy one, even with all the traffic lights!

  5. Rob- totally agree- same for me as I had half term last week so it was fab to have a run during daylight hours.
    Emma- yes going to work and coming home in the dark is really horrible- at least I get some sunlight when I do playground duty!
    Laura- can’t agree more 🙂
    Mary- I leave my car clock so every year it is an hour out through the summer, but it is correct all winter. I just have to remember to work out the real time in the summer!
    Alison- working in a windowless room does sound like hard work- you must feel like you are coming out of hibernation when you see the daytime at the weekends!

    1. Yes do- I saw your teapigs collection on your blog the other day! I think I posted but then closed the link before I entered the code- whoops! So yes, do, the combination is delish 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Alex 🙂
      Yes I think longer days all the year round would be the answer- not quite sure how to change the tilt of the earth though….

  6. I HATE HATE HATE the winter months and don’t believe there is any tangible benefit from the clock change. I know of no-one who likes it.

    I get up pretty early so it’s still dark whether the clocks have changed or not and I hate the fact that it’s dark by mid afternoon in the depths of winter. It just makes the day seem to drag really badly.

    I’m quite adept at running with a head torch though!


    1. Exactly!
      I have not tried a head torch- I stick to where there are lampposts! Head torches are proper hard core! 🙂

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