Gym etiquette

So first of all, a little moan (sorry). At the moment we keep having new people turning up late to body pump. They generally come in after the first 2 or 3 tracks, so then we have to stop and help them get out their equipment while the instructor shows them the set position and everything. It is starting to get annoying as we have to be out on time as there is another class after, and so we end up cutting it fine. So anyway, I would like people, especially if they are new to a class, to get there on time please.

Anyway, body pump was great this evening, I had much more energy and really warmed up- I have been freezing all day. No snow here, (well, a dusting overnight but only on the cars and fences), but it is so cold it would not surprise me if there was.

I also tried some Mulu dark chocolate, with cacao nibs.

It was nice- the cacao nibs added a good crunch.

I hope everyone american is having a good thanksgiving, and that everyone in the UK is looking forward to the weekend 🙂

Laters, dudes.

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6 thoughts on “Gym etiquette”

  1. Ooh that would also annoy me with people turning up late. Did the instructor say anything?

    I am absolutely stuffed, and I still haven’t eaten any cake 😀

    1. No, the instructor is always really nice. She does say “oh, you have missed the warm-up etc” and reminds them what time the class starts, but she has to help them with all the bits.
      Glad you enjoyed thanksgiving 🙂

    1. Thing is it is different people each week. It does surprise me that the people on the desk let them through, but I suppose if you are a regular and 5 mins late you can rush about and get your bits ready while everyone else warms up, and it doesnt affect anyone else.

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