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Evening all 🙂

Last night I had aerobics, which was fun as usual. I also had the last piece of my pumpkin gingerbread 🙁  But on the up side, I have loads of new recipes to try, thanks for all the suggestions already on the teapigs giveaway.

After work today I had planned a run, and even though traffic was awful and I was home later than planned, I made myself go out. I did about a mile of steady running as a warm up, then spent the next mile and a half running intervals (20 counts fast, 20 counts slower as recovery- probably works out as 45 seconds each but I don’t time it), then another mile or so to cool down. Nothing interesting to report, but I was feeling very tired by the time I got back. Work has been busy and I only managed a 10 minute lunch, and I hate eating fast, so I think partly that was why I felt tired.

Anyhoo, once showered and tidied up, the two of us went out for dinner. Ages ago Andy set us up a challenge on Nike+ (loser buys dinner)- to run the most miles before the start of October. At first we were neck and neck, but in the end I took the prize! We went to Prezzo (have not been there for ages) and they do a new thing now- smaller flatbread pizzas with salads (or smaller bowls of pasta with salad) instead of one massive pizza. I had a lovely flatbread pizza with yellow and red cherry tomatoes and mozzerella. I like the current trend of restaurants making “lighter choices” on the menu- like those pizza express ones with the holes in the middle. It is so easy when eating out to eat way too much food, so I like it when they give an portion controlled option.

Actually what was most exciting was that my new boots got a proper outing- they have only been to Waitrose to get pumpkin before today haha!


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12 thoughts on “Meal out”

  1. Good job on doing intervals after such a stressful day at work.

    I had a meal in Prezzo the other evening, and also ate off the lighter menu. I had pasta, and I think the portion size was much more like a normal meal, rather than crazy bucket-of-pasta that you normally get. Plus they do lower alcohol wine too, which I thought was good. Also, FWIW I’d definitely pick that over Pizza Express. Much more choice for veggies 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Yeah I thought it had loads of choice- plus they marked things veggie and were actually right as things with non-veggie cheese were not marked. Had not been out for dinner for months!

  2. I love that resturants are doing that now. I have at least two meals out coming up and I’ve been able to check out the menus so I know I can make reasonably healthy choices as my body just can’t handle too much rich food now! Flat bread pizza sounds lovely x

  3. Good job on winning a meal out! It sounds yummy, is it a chain restaurant? I’ve never been to one but it sounds like my kind of place I love flatbread pizza and having a small one with a salad sounds so much better than asking to take half home, which is what I usually have to do haha

    1. Yes it is a chain. Italian like Zizzis and Ask etc, it does a big range of salads (the most delish goats cheese salad with balsamic drizzle mmmm), pastas, pizzas and other things too. It is much better as I would normally give some to Andy as I would never eat it all, but it feels like a waste to leave some. So much better to have little or no food waste. 🙂

  4. good on you for getting out there, I think those kind of runs give you double satisfaction in the end…especially if you know there is a nice meal at the end of it!


    1. Indeed- I had that to look foreard to and I think I enjoyed the meal more because I was starving! 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was a fun challenge- you can set up anything on Nike+ but each time you log in it tells you how you are doing, how many miles run etc so it’s easy to see progress. 🙂

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