Nutrition and a winner!

Evening all

So I have always been interested in nutrition. When I was school, for GCSE I did Home Econimics (how old fashioned- now they do food tech) and we had to do modules about which vitamins and minerals were in certain foods, and what illnesses deficiancies caused. We also had to look into specific diets and analyse them (this is when I properly researched vegetarianism and proved to my mum that I could be veggie and healthy). Since then I get a lot of info from magazines, or from sites on the net. But I am looking for a book (not quite “Nutrition for dummies”) which will give me a bit more info on nutrition, specifically vegetarian/ vegan or womens nutrition. I just wondered if anyone had any books they would recommend, as I have trawled through pages on amazon but it is hard to pinpoint exactly what I am after. Thanks.

Onto other things; ny cold is worse today. At the start of the week I earmarked today for a short run, but as the day has gone on I have felt worse, (stomach ache as well as the sore sinuses) so I decided to come home and have a cup of tea instead. I decided that as I am not training for anything, I could be fine but I could make it worse, and I did run Sunday, Monday and do aerobics last night so I am not sitting around every day.

Yet again I thought it was my last chocolate flake teabag, but I have one more. Delish with coconut milk. At the weekend I ordered myself some more as it is so tasty, and Andy told me I have no chance of getting tea for christmas!

I had it with some Mulu chocolate-

The “Silk”, which is meant to be like milk chocolate. I found it very sweet (I only managed 2 squares which I suppose is good as the bar will last), it tasted more like cooking chocolate than normal chocolate. It has an almost crumbly texture, and it is not my favourite. But it was still nice with the tea.

So, on the subject of tea, I need to announce the giveaway winner! I am rubbish at decisions, and it has come to light that if I do another giveaway I will need to do some kind of raffle system, or something, as choosing was very difficult! I appreciate all the recipe links and will have fun making them all (and when I do I will be sure to post them), but the winner is……

The Caramel Apple Spice Cupcakes by Laura 🙂

So well done Laura, I am already wishing I had icing sugar to make them! I did contemplate making them without the frosting, but it sounds like it is important to have all elements, so will have to wait til the weekend!

So Laura, can you email me ( your address and I will forward it on to the teapigs people so they can get your prize out to you. And thanks to everyone else 🙂 It really was such a hard decision!

And finally, while wandering on the blogosphere this afternoon, I came across a Happy Herbivore recipe for fat free, vegan pumpkin pie. It looks amazing, so it is another one I need to try. 🙂

So many recipes, so little time………

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6 thoughts on “Nutrition and a winner!”

  1. I’ve nothing to recommend at the moment I’m afraid, but I too would love to read a book about that, so hopefully other commenters will have suggestions!
    Sounds like you made the right decision not to run today then! Everyone seems to be catching a cold at the moment, but hopefully yours will be gone soon 🙂
    Mmm that pumpkin pie looks good! I know, I have a whole list of recipes to try too! 😛

    1. I seem to find so many recipes that I want to try and not enough meals in the day/ space in my freezer for it all!

  2. Ahh so excited! I’ve been wanting to try teapigs for a while! The frosting is totally important.. I’m not a huge frosting fan but I could eat that frosting with a spoon!

  3. Ooh a vegan pumpkin pie!!

    I have a book called Vegetarian Sports Nutrition by D. Enette Larson-Meyer (Human Kinetics, 2007). It covers the main macros, but also things like iron, calcium, supplements, etc. It cites peer reviewed research, and is geared specifically towards endurance sports, amateur and pro. I’ve learnt a lot from it, though it is rather dense. It gest my recommendation though 🙂

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