I would like some more sleep please. And that is all I have to say on the matter.

Onto better news, last week I ordered a load of teapigs goodies;

(the badge says I <3 real tea, which I do!)

and yesterday I tried the licorice and mint for the first time. It was in the jumbo pack and as I loved all the other flavours I decided I would try it. I am not one for herbal teas but it had good reviews. It tasted very much like spearmint- very nice. I could not taste the licorice, but I found it refreshing- think it would be nice in the summer. No picture but I am sure you can imagine what it looks like!

I also used my new pots for lunch today- sliced pear in one, and half a graze mix in the other (dark chocolate buttons, blanched almonds and cherries). Delish!

And after aerobicsΒ  (which I had loads of energy for again so that was good) I enjoyed a slice of stollen with cranberries- can you see the marzipan in the middle? It’s the best bit- save it ’til last!

Plus, exciting news- weΒ are getting an extra public holiday in the UK due to a certain marriage- what would you do with your extra day off? The May bank holiday is my birthday weekend anyway so now I have 4 days! Although due to the marathon plan it is going to be a 20 mile run and then probably the other days to recover! See how I am being optimistic here!

Night all πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “Sleep”

  1. Woop, loving the idea of the day off, especially as it’s the Friday before the Mayday Bank Holiday Monday which means a four-day weekend! Gawd bless their Highnesses πŸ™‚
    Ooh, and that’s the week before my birthday too – all the best people are born in May!
    I love the look of the stollen, might have to give that a go and have you tried the chocolate Teapigs??

  2. sometimes its nice to have a staycation (stayiday <- that doesn't have as good of a ring to it), basically its a vacation or a holiday where you just stay home and relax. It can be just as nice as one where you travel far.
    Picnics are nice too

  3. Eleanor- I love the chocolate tea- I have it with coconut milk instead of normal milk and it is amazing :)And hooray for May birthdays! They are the best!
    Emma- I am sure I will bake too! At least I have the long weekend to recover from the run!
    Sarah- I love picnics too- great idea.
    Laura- I love your idea of using almond milk in the stollen- am going to try that out next time I make one.
    Mary- I think we should have 25 hour days and then I could squeeze in an extra hour of sleep!! πŸ™‚

  4. Hurray for an extra day off for your birthday / run-recovery! I would also like some extra sleep now too. Where do we get that from do you think? πŸ˜‰

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