Teapigs Giveaway!

Hey I am so excited about this giveaway! You guys know that after I was sent some Teapigs tea to try, I have fallen in love with their teas. After drinking all the trial packs, I swiftly ordered some more (including chocolate flake tea to try). My faves are the chai (obviously) the caramel rooibos and the spinced winter red tea.

Teapigs are offering UK residents the chance to win some special wintery teas (chai, spiced winter and chocolate flake)- perfect to warm you up after a run/ walk in the cold winter air. Now, what goes perfectly with a warm cup of tea? Well, that is the question indeed. You all know I am a fan of baking, and baking goes perfectly with tea, so (we have to have some kind of fun competition) I would love to know your favourite recipe to go with a cup of tea in the winter.

The way to enter the competition is simple; use the comment section of this post to either post your recipe directly, or leave a link to where the recipe is (e.g. on your blog). I am looking for winter/ Christmas themed baking, and it has to go nicely with a cup of tea. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 14th November and the winner will be chosen soon after! So have fun getting creative in the kitchen!

If you are unlucky and do not win, do not fear because Teapigs now make Piglets (how cute is that?)- which are little trial 2 packs of tea. Perfect if you fancy trying a new flavour (or perfect as a stocking filler perhaps??). Plus ordering piglets sounds so cute!

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8 thoughts on “Teapigs Giveaway!”

  1. Ooooh how fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚ I have wanted to try Teapigs for a while.

    http://deliciousandnuts.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween-spiced-pumpkin-honey-muffins.html is mine! I know you’ve seen this already but they really are good. I’m actually waiting for the boy to come back from the pub so we can put the kettle on and have a muffin each..it’s quite ironic that tonight’s the night I’ve chosen to look through your blog (which is great by the way) x x

  2. I have also wanted to try teapigs for a while! If I don’t win the piglets might be a good plan though!

    I think I might have sent you this recipe before but it is my absolute favourite cupcake recipe, very autumnal and vegan! Caramel apple spice cupcakes from veganomicon, with my variations. http://boxruneat.blogspot.com/2010/02/210210.html The frosting is what really makes them special, it’s so fudgey!

  3. I am not a tea loving person at all but am intrigued by the sound of these.
    Do you think someone who doesn’t like ‘normal’ tea would like them?


    1. It depends really- I love the chai because it is spicy- cinnamon especially. The rooibos caramel is sweet, more like a hot chocolate but not thick. I dont like herbal teas as I find them too watery, but I like these. Not sure if that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow so many good recipes already! Now I am tempted to spend a day making them all! Pumpkin honey muffins, chai quinoa (chai for breakfast!!), caramel apple spice cupcakes, spiced apple and date bread….. they all sound lovely! Keep ’em coming!

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