Weather obsession

Ok so I am a bit obsessed with the weather. Partly it comes from my Dad- he always used to make us be quiet when the weather came on the TV so he could listen. Partly it comes from years of working in Nursery and Reception (outside learning every day) so I need to know what to wear to work. And more recently it comes from my love of running. I like to know the weather at the weekend in advance so I can plan my long run on the better day. I like to know how long the rain will last so when I get home from work I know whether to get out there straight away, or wait for the rain to stop or whatever. And also to know what to wear when I am out there! So I love to watch the weather before I go to bed, when I get up I listen to the weather on the radio, and also watch it on the news. And once snow is forecast, I get a little obsessed with the met office website! Watch this space!!

So snow is possibly forecast for Saturday, but at the moment I am still keeping it for my long run day, so I can get out there before it snows, or before it freezes to the pavements.

Anyway, today after work I wrapped up warm and headed out. I was after my 5 ish mile run, which is 2 big and one small loop near me, but I was feeling pretty good (slept much better last night which might be the reason why) so in the end I did the 3rd big loop. I also decided to pick up the pace in the middle part to push myself, and managed just under 6 miles in 56 minutes (loads to cross the roads etc) so I was pleased with the time.

I had some delicious pumpkin pasta (tofu, pumpkin, spinach, sundried tomatoes all whizzed up, with wholegrain pasta) alongside balsamic baked courgette and beetroot. Delish.

SO, are you obsessed with the weather? Or obsessed with anything else?

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14 thoughts on “Weather obsession”

  1. I LOVE running in the snow! I remember earlier this year, the husband and I saw the snow, wrapped up and went for a run through the woods. It was so peaceful and picturesque. If it snows this weekend I will have to fight so hard to stop myself going out there lol.

    1. The world does look beautiful covered in snow- woods in the snow sounds lovely. My problem is that all by me is pavements that do not get gritted, so once the snow freezes it is very dangerous. Last year I managed a few slow walks, but I tried one run, slipped right over and walked gingerly home!

  2. I loved running in the snow last year, this year I’ve been a bit wimpy about cold weather running so far, and had to call one off today ’cause of the icy pavements.. almost fell 3 times walking Roxie!

  3. this will be my first winter running outdoors and I am both excited and scared of the snowy days to come. Running on a brisk morning with light snowflakes in the air sounds positively lovely but an icy and blustery day? Not so much! Good for you for pushing through your run. 56 minutes is a great time!!

  4. You are not alone in your weather obsession. I have a little folder on my bookmarks just for the different weather forecasts and I check them far too regularly! Am currently obsessing about the weather this weekend as I have outdoor plans for both days!
    Saturday will be spent with the family at Paultons Park as it is our godson’s birthday treat (metcheck says -3, feels like -7) hmmmmmmmm
    Then it is our club birthday runs on Sunday (very similar forecast to saturday) brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I am also getting obsessed with reading blogs….so stop making them so interesting! 🙂


  5. I’m not *so* obsessed with the weather, but I do keep track of it much more than my friends do. They’ll be planning some camping trip or whatever and I’ll have to tell them it’s suppose to be raining the entire time lol. It’s always helpful when planning runs, though like you said.

  6. Boxing Laura- Its the ice that puts me off too, not the snow really.
    Stylish Laura- agreed very British! 🙂
    Samantha- welcome 🙂 And yes,there is a difference between cold and refreshing, and just cold!
    Sarah- I agree the world looks beautiful when covered in snow- I will be the first to make a snowman if it comes down enough!
    Rose- I also love the blogs! I think I generally get a bit obsessed with anything!
    Mary-it is good to be prepared!
    Emma-Metcheck sounds exciting 🙂

  7. I’ve got it bookmarked too! Mine’s generally because I want to know what to do with the horse but I also like cycling so it’s good to know if I’m going to get drenched or frozen…
    At this time of year, I just madly check for those dreaded snowflake symbols although I’ve just seen a few of the real thing drifting down…

    1. I know- although the snow is so pretty, it also pretty much disrupts everything- I have too much to do for a snow day!!

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