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I hope you are all doing well. Yet again it is another very busy week for me (my Bloglovin unread list is getting closer to 100- argh!) but I will catch up properly soon.

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Voucher bin is a website that let you search for coupons for a huge range of different deals.

I had a browse at a few categories- first I looked in the Food and Drink one, in case there was a good deal on afternoon tea, but there seemed to be more deals for specific websites (such as money off Twinnings tea) and also rather random ones like flowers, or cycle clothing (not sure how that links to food and drink?).

Then I looked at travel– we do love our weekends away. There seemed to be some good discounts, for example 10% off a Paris pass, but other deals were just regular promotions (such as the Premier Inn £29 Sunday rooms sale), although I suppose if you were not on the mailing lists for these companies you would not necessarily hear about them.

I could not see how to sort the deals (eg by most recent/ most saving) but they do have the saving listed, and lots of them had the expiry date of the deal (although it is worth noting that when I checked in October, there were deals listed that expired in September 2014). There is a search box – I typed in “hotels” to see what came up, and a lot of Hotels.com and Expedia deals came up. However they do have a savings calculator where you can select a category and your budget, and it will find more specific deals for you. I used this in the Health and Beauty category, and £50, just to see what came up. But the two deals that appealed the most (20% off Neal’s Yard, and free delivery on Fitbug products) had both expired.

Are you a fan of voucher websites?

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8 thoughts on “Voucher Bin discounts”

  1. I am with you on that Bloglovin list! Mine is always up in the hundreds…I’m fighting a losing battle but there are so many good blogs I want to read!

  2. I love a good voucher! But Groupon has started annoying me. It seems a bit hit and miss. Like any product deals are more just companies trying to get rid of stuff in bulk or use it as a quick sale option. Sometimes though a good afternoon tea voucher will pop up and I do love that.
    I’m going to check out this site to have a nosey 😉

    1. Yes I have stopped using Groupon after I had a problem with them- I paid and then the voucher wasn’t issued- it took a lot of chasing up to even get the refund, so I ignore those emails now!

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