Decision time!

Woo do you have election fever today? I had a course this afternoon and it took so long to get there that I ended up trying (unsuccessfully) to eat quietly while the lady started (eating my rye sandwich was ok but carrot sticks are not so quiet!). I also tried something new- I sprinkled some cinnamon on a pear and had it once it had all sunk into the pear. Verdict; Super tasty (gotta love cinnamon)- will be doing this again at lunch tomorrow!

I popped to the shops on the way home, mainly to get some more apples (love pink lady apples) but then I found some yummy Nairn’s chocolate chip oatcakes! I have had the ginger, berries and spices ones but I didn’t even know they did this flavour! Not the healthiest snack but not the worst either! They are in packs of 2 so will be good to have in my bag for when I fancy them. Then I went to vote (it is a secret ballot so I won’t be saying who for!) and then did some work before body pump. I had my fave pre-body pump meal of wholegrain spaghetti with courgettes, peppers and meridian green pesto. Yum.

Body pump was fun today (although it is such hard work). The music makes such a difference- if I am struggling towards the end of one of the tracks the music can “lift” me and make me do those last few reps. I also find it strange that there is some music that I like normally, but it isn’t good to exercise to, and there is other music that really would annoy me if I was out (not really a fan of chart music) but then if it comes on as a track at aerobics then it gives me a boost. The thing is I have no idea as to what the music is normally (although I do know this time that there is some weird Foo Fighters cover, and a weird version of Nirvana for some of the tracks. Oh and the Black Eyed Peas song) so even if I fancy getting one of the body pump tracks for listening to while running, I would have no idea! Perhaps I should google it?

Anyway now I am home and after a shower I tried a Nutty 9bar. It was so tasty; I preferred it to the other 9bar that I tried the other day. It was a lot more chewy- it seemed to be held together better. It also tasted lovely and nutty (duh)- it has cashews, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts as well as sunflower and hemp seeds. It does have some added sugar and vegetable oil, but generally it seems a better choice than other bars (e.g. Eat Natural Bars that are full of high GI rice and sugar syrups and things). It does have 279 calories, 7.7g protein, 16g carbs and 20g fat (mostly good fats) per bar. It is so filling I think I could probably eat half of it for a snack and it would enough; I was just super hungry after body pump.

Anyhoo I am off now to watch the alternative election coverage and to celebrate that it is Friday tomorrow! Yeah!

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