Early run number 2

Well this is becoming a bit of a habit isn’t it? This morning I was up and running at 6.10am. It was the same run as monday and took me the same time, not much else to report really!
I have enjoyed them though, it is nice to get the run done before I do anything else, plus again today traffic was bad coming home and I was so hot in the car that a run was the last thing I fancied when I got home.
After my shower I had a new breakfast. After my porridge the other day it got me thinking about bircher muesli, so with my home-made muesli I made some up. 40g in a bowl with 100ml milk, soaked overnight. Then this morning I gave it a stir (it had got quite thick), added 80g blueberries (including a couple from the garden) and some pouring yoghurt. It was super tasty and super filling- yum

Yesterday after work we were having a leaving tea at a local hotel (tea and a scone very nice) but I didn’t get home in time for aerobics- boo!

Tonight I am off out (with work again!)- this time to celebrate a team achievement that was put off when ofsted came, so busy again.

I had lunch in my little new pots today- they are the envy of all the staff! Lunch times are fun! I am using up all the bits in the cupboard so ended up with a random lunch of oatcakes, peanut butter, apple, watermelon and a yoghurt. Made all the better by the tub!

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