Exciting parcel in the post!

I was very excited to get a text this morning telling me that my parcel had arrived. I ordered some things from americansweets.co.uk the other day, and they have finally come! My most exciting purchases are a massive tin of pumpkin puree, and some chocolate peanut butter. Now I just have to choose from the array of pumpkin recipes and decide which one to make with it!

There has been a brown banana on the side for a few days now, so after work I tried out a new recipe, Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins from Rachel’s Favourite Food at Home (a book I got for my birthday to add to my collection of Rachel Allen books!). The recipe needed 2 bananas, 2 eggs, and made 12, so I halved it and made 6. It’s a simple recipe (like all muffins, mix dry ingredients together, mix wet together, mix briefly and bake)- it had oats in it which will add to the texture, plus crunchy PB-mmmm. I used half wholegrain spelt (my fave flour), but otherwise left it the same to see how it would turn out. The mixture made loads and they were nearly spilling out of the cupcake cases, and when they came out the oven they had risen up and flopped over the sides a bit. They smell awesome!

Gosh it has been so hot today. After dinner we went on a walk but it was still so warm out there. I went into the garden and I am so excited- I had to tie up the pumpkin and butternut squash plants yet again as they are trailing all over the place, and the tassles on the sweetcorn are now massive and popping up out of the leaves, whereas before you could only see them when looking down into the plant. I am keeping my fingers crossed still (and also watering them lots). I picked yet more blackcurrants, plus a few strawbs and blueberries (although my blueberry bush last year had loads more on it, not sure why its not producing many this year).

I think for Sunday tea I am going to make a blackcurrant cheesecake; need to find a recipe that doesn’t need baking, as I fancy a cold one (no gelatine obviously)- all my fruit cheesecakes are baked ones. Any suggestions welcome!

I think tomorrow I might take some pics of the garden as it is looking so fab at the moment. Now off for a cold drink!

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