Shopping fun

Now I am not usually one for shopping. But today I went to a massive shopping centre with some of the girls from work. We needed to get presents for the Teaching assistants that work in our classes, plus leaving presents for people who are leaving. So I had a long day trapsing around the shops. At every paperchase I went into (and boy there were a lot) I kept seeing these cute little tuppaware pots. They are like russian dolls- 4 sizes all inside each other. Anyway I ended up treating myself- they will make lunch time fun! Although my friend did comment that they would be good for baby food. There is a little one which would be fab for a blob of nut butter!  £7 is not bad for a treat seeing as my friends were getting expensive bags and shoes and things.

What do you like to treat yourself with? I used to love clothes shopping (back when I had more money to spend maybe!!)- now I get tired wandering around shops all day and get a bit bored. I would rather get a nice plant for my garden or some baking things, or running clothes! My three fave hobbies!!

Also I know some people have had trouble commenting on here, but now the teething problems are fixed so comment away!


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