Update from holiday


I have had a good few days so far, travelling through France and into Switzerland. It is so beautiful here; so many pretty towns, villages, chalets, mountains and valleys.

I have been doing lots of walking, and this morning had some totally delicious bircher muesli at the hotel this morning, which had fresh blackberries in it-mmmm. There was a bowl of hazelnuts which you could sprinkle on top too- fab!

Food is super expensive, which has resulted in several bread and cheese meals. I was surprised (after dinner on a walk) to see a hotel serving seitan! There is also plenty of tofu and things being served too, and loads of restaurants have vegetarian options highlighted which makes it much easier. We had a pizza the other day and even though I had read in the guidebook that pepperoni means peppers (eg vegetables) I was still a bit worried about ordering it, so went for the plain one!

More walking planned tomorrow, and plenty of fresh alpine air- I love a good holiday.


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2 thoughts on “Update from holiday”

  1. Ooh I really like seitan. I’ve never seen it Europe (well, the UK), only ever in the states. I had real problems with vegetarian food in France, so I’m glad you’ve been finding stuff to eat. Enjoy all the fresh air and blackberries – that sounds like a perfect holiday to me!

    1. I know Switzerland seems to be a good place for veggies to go.
      I am starting a (long) article about being veggie on holidays- tips for restaurants I have found etc.
      Thanks the holiday has been fab to far

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