Very early run

I set the alarm early today because I knew that after work I would be busy (more shopping for leaving presents). Once I had woken up and changed (I put my running gear at the end of my bed so no excuses!) and had a big drink of water I headed out. I only wanted to do a quick run, and at first it felt anything but, probably because I was still waking up! I am a morning person and do get up as soon as the alarm goes off; I can’t have lie-ins or anything like that. But normally I would be pottering around at home not running. Anyhow when I got to the traffic lights I had made it in 5 minutes which is my normal time. Altogether my speedy route took me 26 mins, so not bad in fact. I saw quite a few people out (no smilers today though- perhaps people out running at 6.30 am take running too seriously to smile??), including some people coming back from the supermarket with full bags- I suppose the checkouts will be quiet at that time! After my shower I enjoyed my first bowl of porridge for months and months!

I had a little experiment- last night I put in a bowl 15g flaked quinoa, 15g oats (usually have 30g oats that’s it), 15g raisins, 150ml milk and left it to soak overnight. Then this morning I cooked it for 2min 20. When it was cooked I added some cinnamon and also a sprinkle of blueberries and blackcurrants (from the garden of course!)- super yum!

The raisins soak up the milk and swell and go all juicy. The quinoa did add a different flavour, not sure how to describe it really but it was tasty.

As it turns out I was so relieved to have gone out first thing. It got so hot this afternoon that a run was the last thing I fancied when I got home. Maybe a gentle walk later!

I am super pleased with the presents though- my friend yesterday mentioned that she wanted a blueberry bush, and I wasn’t sure what time of year they would be sold, but I found a massive one covered in green berries. Hope they don’t fall off in my car on the way to work tomorrow!

I have also a lot of eggs to use up (my Mum’s chickens are busy laying and they brought some around at the weekend)- so only one way to use them up of course- brownies!

I have not tried the brownie recipe from Hummingbird Bakery yet, so I tried that this evening. I have not had one yet, they are still cooling, but they smell amazing, very chocolatey-mmmm.

I was going to go and see Toy Story tonight but think we will save it for the weekend as it is on very late and am a little tired. Anyone else looking forward to seeing it? Pixar always make classics.


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4 thoughts on “Very early run”

  1. Thanks for your sensible words about making up lost workouts. Having read about you getting up early, I feel inspired to do the same tomorrow 🙂

    (Oh, and very envious of your garden btw!)

    1. Thanks- glad it helps!
      Don’t get up early very often but did again today as it’s been so hot plus am busy after work.
      I love my garden- it’s the first year I have had real success beside herbs, strawberries and tomatoes in pots.

  2. “The raisins soak up the milk and swell and go all juicy.”

    When I get in from my early morning runs I make a coffee (for myself)and a tea (for Jayne.. who is usually still asleep!). I then put a handfull of rasins in a breakfast bowl and pour on a bit of the hot water from the kettle, just enough to cover them.
    When I get back down stairs after my shower I add oats and cold water to the bowl and cook as normal… the rasins will have swelled like you overnight milk soaked ones…. nice.


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