Pumpkin Envy!

Well you must know by now that I do love my little garden, and I have been having a bit of success this year with growing veg (mainly green and yellow courgettes). At the end of spring I bought a pumpkin plant and 2 butternut squash plants from a garden centre (it was some crazy offer like 5 plants for £4 so I didn’t think I had much to lose). The year before I tried to grow some from seed, and although the seeds germinated and grew into big plants, no fruit grew on any of them.

So imagine my excitement when I got back from holiday and found that the pumpkin plant (as well as growing all over the garden!) has a pumpkin growing on it!

There is also a small and oddly shaped butternut squash. Today I put some straw under it as I am a bit worried about it going mouldy with all this damp weather.

Now I have pumpkin envy, as Toby from Gardener’s World is growing a plant from a seed from a prize-winning MASSIVE pumpkin. His are already the size of halloween ones. Anyway, I am hoping mine will be tasty. But, any veg growers out there who might know if this one will go orange? The trouble with buying it in a pot was that the only label said “pumpkin”, nothing else. I bought a Kabocha squash the other day (in the process of making some soup for Saturday lunch) and I was thinking that it seems suspiciously similar in colour and size to my apparent “pumpkin”. Now I know they are all the same family, but I am not sure if it will be ripe when it is still green. I do want to eat it so I don’t want it to get too massive.

Anyway, while I was out there I took a few other pictures too.

We are growing sweetcorn (am thinking we can pick it fairly soon):

There are some yellow courgettes coming along nicely:

The apple tree I was given for my birthday has lots of apples 🙂

(That is the blackcurrant bush from ribena that is now bigger than my mini apple tree!).

I have a few strawberry plants, one of which has produced loads of runners so I will have an even bigger patch next year.

My blueberry bush (a birthday present last year) goes a gorgeous hot pink at this time of year- so pretty I think you will agree 🙂

Flowers in the veg patch:

Anyway, if you are particularly green-fingered and have any idea about my pumpkin especially I would love to hear your thoughts on what it is and when to pick it.

Thanks guys


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