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Evening all

First of all, a picture of the peanut caramel squares I made yesterday;

They were lovely but the peanut flavour was rather faint- I think next time I would spread it a bit thicker on the base. I made them in a big tray so they were thin and spread out, instead of in a smaller tray where they would be thicker.

But that was yesterday.

Today started off with another blogging craze- oats in a jar! I have seen so many people having it, and this week finished a jar of smooth PB, so I saved the jar to try it!

I had a mixture of normal oats, rude health porridge and cinnamon, and it was really tasty. I have tried almond butter in bircher muesli which is nice, but I have never had PB in a porridge before. It was quite rich, but a nice treat!

Mmm, does not look appetising at all! Haha! But it was very nice.

I managed to have a walk in between the rain showers (well, my walk ended in the rain so I half avoided it) and then spent the afternoon doing jobs and watching the grand prix, then popped to see relatives.

What a nice sunday, even if the weather has been awful!

So, anyone else tried/ never tried oats (porridge) in a jar?

And any other blogging crazes that people have tried and liked/ not liked?

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5 thoughts on “Another blogging craze”

  1. OMG, I need one of those caramel squares. Right now!!

    I’ve never tried oats in a jar, it really doesn’t appeal to me. Why would I want to poke around in a jar for my cereal when I can get at it much easier in a bowl 😉

  2. I bet you need a sugar rush after your marathon!
    The appeal of the oats I suppose is to get every last scrap of peanut butter out of the jar as humanely possible! Which I did manage to get- much easier than washing it up for the recycling!

  3. Oats in a jar just doesn’t happen often enough in my life. I think the appeal (for me anyway) is that the peanut butter is there all the way through the porridge , not just dolloped on top. And it increases the further down the jar you get. Haha, I sound a bit too into it…

  4. Hey Ruby-yes it was tasty having little bits of PB in the porridge instead of a blob.
    Laura- yes sure I will post the recipe on here soon (its from a super old cook book but I have tried loads and it is my fave caramel shortcake of them all- plus lots less sugar than a lot of them!!)

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